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Another Casual launch by Eternity Loft (:

dusty blue

In this Eternity Loft collection, there's two manufactured pieces for grabs! First up is my favorite slouchy top which spots a mandarin collar. The top has got those cute little buttons. I can't seem to put a finger to which is my favorite color. So let's go through the 4 colors first! :D

So there's dusty blue, sky blue, sunshine orange and last not not least, 
the coral one! (: 

We paired the last color with this manufactured skirt that comes in 2 colors. 

The top can be worn casual or for work. Same goes to the skirt! Material is made of thick structured cotton and i think the cream colored one would be a unique one to have. Too much staple blacks! :D

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hello elmo!

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Ztyle of The Day
Double U Lace Crochet Dress: Triselle
Belt: Far East Plaza

Got to dig this dress with intricate lace details! I love pairing gold with white so i had on my gold belt to accompany this outfit.

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Kasia said...

I love your hair.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe.

Where do u brought the brown slot in shoes? And how much. Thanks babe.