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Jean Yip Beauty & Jean Yip Loft.

It's my monthly visit to Jean Yip Beauty for my ipl now. If you are on my twitter, you would have heard that I managed to get another ipl promotion for readers. And it will be shared on this post! Sorry for the wait ((:

My tolerance of pain is quite low so if you see me camwhoring while the ipl session is on, it means you can go for it lol! (:


After the  Brazilian IPL, I would go for a light shower to wash off the remaining gel. 
For those who have not given ipl a try, before the tapping, the therapist would apply some really cold cooling gel which would also numb the skin a little! (:


Ztyle of The Day
 Ashlyn Lace Shift Dress: Hueberry
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond+ like fb page for free normal postage.
Belt: Takashimaya
Watch: Aigner

This is my second fully laced dress and i'm loving it! The first one was sleeved and this sleeveless one seems more perfect for sunny Singapore! Scroll down to see more pictures of the intricate lace details and this piece has is of very fab fabric.

If you are interested to be featured here, see 
here for testimonials from past advertisers and more information! (:


I have got a few readers emailing me to ask if they can get another IPl promotion back for them cause they missed the last good deal. I spoke to the HQ on a few occasions to try get another good deal and i'm really so happy cause in this post... there's another promotion! :D :D

12-month underarms IPL @ $88 
Customer has to quote “Zoe Raymond” during appointment booking. 

Valid for new Jean Yip IPL female customers aged 21 and above only
Valid for Singapore residents only
Valid from now till 31 Mar 2012
Not valid for any other discounts and promotions
Jean Yip Group reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice
Customer has to visit the salon once per month during the 12-month period
Strictly by appointment only.

And the best part is the outlets participating are the top notch outlets like the ones i always visited!:D

Plaza Singapura (6332 9918)
Tiong Bahru (6377 5088)
Bugis Junction (6337 3177)
Jean Yip Loft (6325 7307)


And now, I want to share about my IPL experience with Jean Yip. By far i have went for about 5 underarm sessions now and the hair has significantly decreased. The skin at the underarms have also lightened pretty well! I used to have to tweeze every 2-3 days but now i see minimal and fine hair strands only after a week or so! Super pleased and that's why i've decided to give the Brazilian IPL a try as well.

this is Sandy!

There's no on-going promotions for Brazilian so you may check for the packages cost at Jean Yip outlets. I visit Plaza Singapura outlet for my IPL sessions and my consultants are Sandy and ! Look for them when you are there and they will give you the best advice! ((:

And after my session, was dinner! :D :D

Went to Lao Beijing! (: 

they served these bak kwa slices! super nice

xiao long bao


meat with dou pi

I took a close up of the dou pi (bean skin) this time round. 

I would always say it looks like cloth.


  photo 1 (3)

And i'm off for another Jean Yip appointment. This time it's with Jean Yip Loft at New Bridge Road! 


Ztyle of The Day
Tank Top: Cotton On
Paperbag Skirt in Wine Red: The Gorgeous Look
Bag: Burberry
Wedges: Past Advertiser

I seldom get skirts cause I always have a difficulty finding a top to match with it. Call me lazy! But i can't resist this paper bag skirt in a trending color now- wine red! Seems like this paper bag design has been around pretty long and   here to stay! 

I just enjoy visiting every level of Jean Yip Loft cause they each have their own unique deco and atmosphere! 


Been wanting to this treatment for the longest time now. 
The Whitening Treatment- which i'm sure most girls are interested in! (:

I always have this idea that "Bai ke yi gai chou"- which also means being fair can hide imperfections. 

Started off with face cleansing and a light whitening scrub. 
So for this particular session, remember to bring your makeup pouch if you have plans to go out after the treatment. 

Followed by the body!

Again it's a good relaxing whitening scrub. 

Sent to the showers! 


That's not all. My first time having Jean Yip Loft's Whitening Collagen a try.

Whitening, Anti-ageing, Slimming.

Before i entered this capsule, the therapist asked which is my main concern. And she recommended anti-ageing cause there's collagen! And it will help me in attaining firmer, fairer skin. Woohooo sounds good.


I was given this pair of goggles to put on before entering the capsule. 



AND TADAH after the capsule is being activated


Quite cool right. The whole treatment took 20 minutes. The feeling in the capsule is hot and cold. There's heat from the capsule, but at the same time there's a fan above you and there's those narrow gaps where cool air will be released. 

In this 15 minutes, you will feel vibration lol. Somewhat like the osim iGallop i think! So subconsciously your body is doing a short work out. For those who are afraid of the claustrophobic phobia, the door is not locked. So anytime during the treatment, you can just push open the door (:

changed back and smack on some blusher and concealer!

Headed back to the 2nd level where the lounge is for some hot ginger tea and dessert.
And i think it was my lucky day cause What's Cooking was my favorite oatmeal! :D 


I've been secretly wishing they cooked this for the past 4-5 times i'm there! Hohohoho! 


The treatent offered by the 50 Whitening Collagen together with the Whitening Light Therapy (green light at 525nm) and the Collagen Light Therapy (red light at 633nm) is complete and definitely one to give the skin a new vitality, a more luminous and healthy look.

The green light reduces dark spots on the skin and helps with brightening and toning the skin of the entire body! The red light is able to stimulate the proliferation of certain cells in the dermis and the production of collagen responsible for the skin's firmness.

The red light also increase the elastcity and hydration of the skin, also helping with healing lesions and scarring caused by invasive n demaging treatments such as laser, IPL, Dermabrasion. The combination of these invasive treatments with the light therapy allows one in a much shorter period of time to return to ones regular activities, with better longer lasting result! ((:

You will see a significant improvement in the appearance of pigmented areas. Dark spots will be lighten and skin texture n tone will improve. Results such as wrinkles reduced by 20%, smoother skin texture and moisture level increases are the visble results! (:

Promo: $188 for trial (90 mins). Usual:$488
Customer has to quote “Zoe Raymond” during appointment booking. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi zoe! Any advice for fine hairs on upper lips? Do u recommend IPL too? Pls share!!

Anonymous said...

Can I know what colour did you get for the lace dress? Beige or white? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

must be aged 21 and above only? i am only 17/18:((

Anonymous said...

hi zoe,can i ask,isnt it awkward for someone else to see and touch you down there? i mesn,we'll all feel shy ):

Anonymous said...

Hi zoe, please blog about ur HK 2011 trip )): I'm heading there next week and would really love to read ur posts before going!

Anonymous said...

why must be above 21? im only 18.

Anonymous said...

I think you should show pics of the result of your underarm treatment instead of just "tell" how effective it is. (:

Anonymous said...

Are there any hidden cost?
12 sessions able to fully get rid of those hairs?
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! is the xlb at lao beijing better than that at din tai fung?

Anonymous said...

hi dear, just wanna ask, will jean yip do hard selling?

the deals for the IPL $88 is nett price and no other hidden cost? ((:


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a concern regarding the Brazilian IPL. How bearable is the pain? Also, I'm pretty shy about showing anyone 'down there'. Did you have this problem? How did you get yourself to open up? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i think its pretty misleading, a lot of time they will push for sales for things like mask treatment that could cost 600$ for the package, a lot of things seems to be of good deal, but nope. it isn't like this.

Anonymous said...

to add on, there are many complains made against Jean Yip, as they have sold lots of deals through those deal website. They did not adhere to their T&C. So they did not advertise on those deals website anymore. TOO many complains. Just google search and you can see blog post on Jean Yip's IPL, bad reviews.

I really hope you can choose deals that are true and real for your readers. And not just advertise due to sponsorship. Seems like its not really ethical. Imagine hard earn money are being conned?! You will lose your readership if things go wrong. Just my 2 cents thoughts.

And have a nice day Zoe =]

Anonymous said...

I really get frustrated abt jean yip facial.the manager was telling me a totally different thing after u sign the contract. i ald suffer a serious break out

Unknown said...

I have a very bad experienced wirh jean yip facial. I signed facial course n After facial my face became red i thought it will disappeared after next day but no. The package came with 3 products that will moisture my skin. But too bad after using the products my skin is very very dry than usual and skin looks like dry apple and skin peeled off. It tooks one month to reduce the redness. Terrible ! Such a famous n well known company but bad service and handling customer issue due to their products reaction. Really nightmare