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Saturday with b! He had the Gatsby Dance Prelims so I settled brunch without him. Teehee! 
Cooked hor fun and a can of mocked abalone with peanuts for Zonia and I. We had lunch over Running Man. Omg. If you haven't caught Running Man, PLEASE DO!!!! It's so hilarious! I do not watch variety show often so if i do, it's probably something worth watching.

I showed an episode where the boys competed on who could carry off a pair of jeans best to b and my colleagues and they all laughed their heads off! :D


b got me my favorite watermelon and honeydew juice!


Cause I was still pretty sick, we rested most of the Saturday. Then headed to Bugis cause I wanted to get some wedges. My 2 favorite wedges failed me (like finally) but still! I wish i could get back a few of the similar pair for they are mad comfy! )): 

I also got a few pairs of belts. Loots for the day was a pair of sandals and wedges and three belts ((: Happy girl! Hehehehe! 


place ran by 3 teenage girls.

We were walking Level 2 of Bugis Village where b saw a longggg queue at the crepes place- Ned's Special. And being a fan of sweet delights, he told me he wanted to get some. I even lost sight of him cause he was looking at the crepes being made. lol. So we got a nutella with bananas crepes at $3.90. I had two of these when I was in Taiwan at $2 each and they were so much better. The one we got was pretty soft, not crispy enough! 

waiting for our order!


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How not to love my weekend outfit. It's completely a cute outfit. I have a peterpan collar which is of scallop trimmings and three heart shaped buttons. And I was wearing a polka dot high waisted shorts that came complete with a cute little gold heart button as well! I probably didn't care if heads turned cause i was dressing my age. Oh yes. Completed my outfit with the fuGrirry bag I got from Shenzhen i got 2 years back (:


loots! :D :D

After my shopping list was well covered, we went for dinner at Sunset Way. We went there to recee the place once and we discovered that it's a food heaven! We were deciding between Western or Korean and the boy settled on Western. I'm very much more sui pian when it comes to food. Self-proclaimed a bore when it comes to food cause i eat just to fill my tummy. I am not sure if there are people who are like me. 


There's NBA on the teevee so got b really happy. 
Then he suddenly scolded cause it flashed the score of an earlier game which he would be watching once he reached home. The boy would always press on and not log into twitter so he won't be updated of the score so he can go back and watch the match. lololol so funny!


the row of restaurants are above hdbs!!!



nice ambience right!


B logging into twitter since he already seen the score HAHA!


carlsbery for the boy

I had Chicken Thigh with Sausage and b ordered USA Kuro Pork Collar. Each main course comes with mashed potato and some veg. 


mushroom soup- soup of the day

chicken thigh with sausages


love the mushrooms

Taste very very good!!! ((:
The grilled chicken thigh is tender and the chicken skin is crispy. The mashed potato melts in the mouth (:
B is more interested in the sausage which he commented was very good too. Can taste a slight peppery taste with each bite.

b's USA Kuro Pork Collar


They serve set meals as well which is a rip off. Thing is each main course comes with a soup already (which was not told when we were ordering) and each set meal comes with a soup and a dessert. The main course costs $25 while the set meal is priced at $35. So if the soup comes free already, the dessert costs $10! And you don't get to choose the dessert! 

this is the small lil dessert!!! 

And so our bill came up to about $80 (: 


Anyway, this place could be a good Valentine's Day location for those who are looking for a dining place. Just a light reminder not to get the set meals lol! ((:

Blk 106 Clementi St 12, #01-38E
Singapore 120106
Sunset Way

Just the next block, it's this Balmoral Bakery, A slice of The Old School, which sells some old school cakes which b wanted to get some home for breakfast for himself and his family.


these cakes are at $1.20 per slice


B is like a little boy, carefully picking the flavor he wants for breakfast tomorrow as i watched on. Hehehe!



Balmoral Bakery
 Blk 105, Clementi Street 12 #01-06
Sunset Way


Weeee! It's another Valentine's Day launch! And this time it's Boutique Lane 6! (:

This launch, there's this very unique top which seems to be trending now! The grey sleeved top has got a detachable sequin collar! The other favorite is the bustier tube dress in white! I adore white dresses but it's pretty tough to get hands on one with is not sheer so i was really happy to see this! Expect ruffles dresses and a couple more dresses! Dont miss their very own military manufactured white dress which has embossed flora prints! (: Promo: Key in "zoeraymond" under coupon code at check out to receive $1.50 OFF each item.

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Li Min said...


I saw your review on the grill out, you should also try the dessert before Grill Out, The Butter Cake & Cream. Their desserts are good. Try their warm choc pudding, you will love it :)

Anonymous said...

The cakes/bread were probably leftovers from the previous night if they can't finish selling it. Seen the leftover bread still in their respective shelves even after the shop closed when I walked past it once.

Anonymous said...

babe, where u get those wedges and the heels in boutique lane 6?


Anonymous said...

such a romantic date!