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Gua Sa with Jean Yip Loft

Met up with Esther after work last week! Teeeeheeeee!
It's our first time shopping together. The girl wanted to buy some accessories for our shoots so off we went to Bugis Street :D 

Esther had those Wo ai Taimei craves everytime she's back in Singapore. 




collecting our snacks! (:

green tea and aloe vera is out love!


ohhhh i heart mushrooms!


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Ztyle of The Day
Willows in Vanilla Cream: Ameile-Anne
Belt: Far East Plaza
Bag: Shenzhen
Heels: Charles and Keith

It was love at first sight for this dress. I love dresses in light shades like white and cream. And like Esther said, i would always pair them with a gold belt. I always like such combinations cause it reminds me of a greek princess lol. Love the sweet peterpan collar of the dress and how it can double up as a work piece as well (:

We then went over to Starbucks for come catching up while we wait for Esther's sister to come over! (: 
Too tired from all the shopping! I was walking for hours in my 4+ inches heels )):


The girl got me some healthy snacks from Australia again! ((:
Milo oats that is not available in singapore yet! (:

kellogg's dessert inspired bars in lemon meringue pie and berry cheesecake flavors that are new to me too!!

Esther very sweet. She got me these energy bars to bring for shoots, cause most of the time will not have time for my meals (((:

And she also got meeeee....


My favorite and 2 days later i had this crave again and she say i GG- Greedy Girl! :D

photo 1 (8)


At Jean Yip Loft waiting for my therapist to pick me up for my services! ((: 
This time round, i decided to give Gua Sa Facial a try! (: 

The manager of Jean Yip Loft, Cheryl, had been asking me to give it a try cause it's very popular recently and a lot of artistes are actually doing Gua Sa facial on a regular basis too. I've been contemplating for the longest time cause i'm very afraid that i will have red marks on my face but Cheryl told me that would never be the case and shared with me the tens of benefits of Gua Sa Facial.

Share more on the benefits towards the end of the post. 



Ztyle of The Day
 Cascading Ruffles Workdress in Carnation Pink: The Pastel House
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $1 off  + Join mailing list and like fb page for free normal mail.
Bag: Shenzhen

I have always wanted to get a white pencil skirt which is thick enough so the undergarments won't show. So when I was shown this dress, though it ain't a pencil skirt, i knew it had to be mine. The ruffled top part of the dress accentuates bust while the structured white bottom is made of fab boutique material. My favorite workdress now (:


photo 1 (7)
I started the session with a body massage. Body been aching for the longest time now and I love the massages at Jean Yip. I managed to get one of my favorite masseur who happened to be a Thai and she gives the best massage ever! :D :D 


Having my back massaged! :D Camwhored a little and before i knew it. I KO cause too comfy lol! :D

After the hour long massage, it was time for Gua Sa Facial! (:

That's right. Gua Sa Facial's instrument is just like the usual gua sa practician would use. But it is done lightly that there won't be any redness on the face. The therapist would push it down to the chest area instead. 

Gua Sa Facial is super awesome cause it actually reduces water retention, aids dark circles and eye bags, uneven color tones and more! 

So after my right side of the face is done, i had to look into the mirror and take a picture to show you the difference!!!

see my right face and compare it with the left face.

Very obviously, the left side of my cheek is more swollen and the eye bag is also slightly puffier. This was achieved within 10 minutes of Gua Sa.

And after the Gua Sa was completed, there's a face mask that's put on.
Cause i had to have my eyes closed throughout, i didn't even realise the mask looks this ewwwwwishhhh till i came home and went through the pictures lolol! 


I was still telling the therapist that the mask smells like barley! The therapist is really nice and throughout the facial, she was sharing how this part will aid my skin and complexion. What I should do and not to do! She also shared some experiences with her other customers! Zoe Tay is one of her patrons too! :D :D 

Some of the tips she gave me was not to drink too much water at night cause it will cause puffiness in the eyes. I always drink a lot of water in the night probably due to heavy salt intake in the day. So ladies, if you want to have nice eyes, try not drink or eat after 11pm. It's said that 11pm, the body starts to "pai chu" the food/liquid taken in the day. So if the food/water intake that we take after 11pm will be stored for "pai chu" only the next day! 

photo 3 (7)
Took a few more pictures after the whole session was over! There, you can see the redness in the chest. The redness will go off in 3 days so no worries if you are planning to give it a try. There's redness cause i always have stuffed nose so Gua Sa in turn, helps me clear my nose. Gua Sa is really good cause it's 100% herbal/ TCM based so no chemicals were used in the treatment.

Also, my face distinctly became smaller hehehe! ((: The lights were still off so you cant really see the effects of the mask YET. :D

The next few pictures are without any makeup and color editing so to show you the effects of Gua Sa + mask. 




And i left Jean Yip Loft just like that. Forgot my blazer but heck! Cause radiant skin here i come! :D : 

I got Cheryl to educate me further on Gua Sa after my treatment. So here goes! ((:

Gua Sa is a 3 thousand yr old concept in traditional Chinese medicine. Gua MEANS TO SCRAPE OR RUB. Gua Sa tools are a hand sized smooth board that is move across your accupoints. The board pull toxins thro the skin rather than sending it thro an already tired muscle. 

Gua Sa Facial is a fusion of eastern traditional practice & western lymphatic detoxification. It improves skin texture n reduces wrinkles, as a result, the elasticity of your skin improves, making it tauter and your complexion will be smoother while radiating an inner glow. 

Benefits of Gua Sa Facial are: 
  • Remove dead skin effectively 
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Lightens wrinkles 
  • Lightens eye-bags
  • Brings about an inner glow
For those who are interested to give Gua Sa a try, here's an attractive promotion for the readers here only! (:

Gua Sa Facial @ $188 (90 Minutes)
Usual Price: $288
Customer has to quote “Zoe Raymond” during appointment booking. 

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Anonymous said...

Are the treatments from Jean Yip free for you or do you have to pay? Just asking...


Anonymous said...

your complexion is flawless! how wonderful :)