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Touch of Love by TNS

Weeee to a new set of nails! ((: 
Mabs got some feathery fans as props teehee! So pretty. 

They got me to try their latest Aqua Leaves Spa Pedicure. 
I got so excited by it cause it looks so pretty and slowly dissolves. 

flowers and maple leaves.

Aqua Leaves; instant themed pedicures.

I tried the Pomegranate and Fig one which revitalizes and helps protect the skin from signs of ageing with rich antioxidants. This also comes in Papaya Green Tea. 

tablet with the leaves.

It's important to pamper those feet once a month or maybe once every 2 months! (:
Especially if you do a lot of walking like me! I need my feet to be well moisturized cause the skin tear pretty badly and hard skin forms.

As Pearlyn did my pedicure for me, I chose from the latest gelish color chart! Weee. 
The Nail Status are always quick in bringing in the latest shades. 

wanted to go for pink but pink itself has got so many shades!

Chose a pink from the latest Gelish Harmony Collection! ((:


Pearlyn massaging me feet after the pedicure is done.
I tried the latest nail range called Megnato! Mabs said i'm suay ku and never update myself! Apparently this is the latest nail range and it comes in Gelish and Non-gelish form!  

Firstly, red was applied on and using a magnetic instrument, the prints are formed! Cool stuff! 
The colors available presently are as below.

top row are gelish colors while the bottom row are non-gelish and you can see it's duller.

I got amazed by my new toe colors and also at the same time, Mabs was creating wonders on my fingers teehee! (: the girl really knows what i love and cant resist. Hearts, pink, white, slimmers and blings! 




Very pretty right! ((: 
Mabs had this set in mind for me for Valentine's Day but i didn't have time to head down for that set. But hearts can be used any months of the year!!! ((:

Tell you all something very funny. I would always take the bullet lift to TNS and that day when i was there. I pressed 4th floor and when the lift door opened, i see a very unfamiliar look so i went back into the lift and looked at the level. Confirmed level 4 leh. Then I walked out and realised they are under renovation! LOL!

Christine also wants to be in the picture!

So yes, The Nail Status very first shop was also undergoing some renovations when i was there. It's now all ready for business. The next manicure appointment would be there! hohohoho! 



Touch of Love by TNS
Gelish Manicure: $50
Nail Art (Hearts 3D and drawings): $60

Aqua Leaves Pedicure: $75
Gelish Megneto: $25

Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005

Time for some shopping! ((: 


Eternity Loft brings us another launch of 2 manufactured designs. This time round, there's a sweet dress and a Victoria's Secret top. This dress spots a V intricate crochet details and tiered hem. The dress you would want to get for work. Love the pink and the purple ones! (:


The other piece for sale is this top which happens to be Victoria's Secret inspired and the best part is that it's at a fraction of the original price! 


The top can be worn 2 ways and how not to love the vibrant colors and curves accentuating cutting. I'm torn between the emerald and rose!  Shop Eternity Loft! (:

And here's a cute Ztyle of The Day to end this post! 

Wore this dress to work and some pictures when i was in the studio waiting for the lights to be set up!



Ztyle of The Day
Polka Dress: My Little Bow

Belt: Far East Plaza
Heels: New Look

Who says i only buy polka dot apparels for weekends? Here's a polka number for work too! :D This dress is really great cause i don't have to iron it lol! And it spots a very nice low V cutting at the back of the dress which doesn't expose the bra (:




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Anonymous said...

hi zoe, where you brought the 2 tone dress? so pretty. from which livejournal?

Tysh said...

oyur nails are so cuuute >_<
does those essences really work?

Anonymous said...

get the emerald one!!! you have so many pink pieces in your wardrobe alreadyy and you look fun & lively in emerald!

Anonymous said...


Just wondering, at TNS, is every manicurist good? Or do you have a particular one to recommend?

Anonymous said...

why do u keep smiling with ur mouth open?