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Tan Christmas Party!

Christmas Party with Paternal family on 27th Dec.

On the way to Bt Timah (:

We had family dinner gathering, all 4 families (:

Look at the crowd! We managed to take a family photo as well! HEHE! Its always hard to take a complete family portrait cause we have so many people. Nice to meet up with my lil cousies! They are alll growing so so tall! Even my Sec 1 cousie is already 1.7M tall. omg.

We played with Zonia's and mine samsung before dinner was ready!

Jing Yi and Reiko Sisters (: Jing Yi is the smartest girl in our family. A nanyang girls student!
Reiko does ballet!!!! I have always wanted to ):

My super vain, lil cousie, Yu Xin! She's so cute! She told me to give her my clothes! She loves all my clothes! When i stayed at her place for a few months then, she would wear my jacket out!

And she would wear the dress i gave her mom! HAHA! She's in MGS Primary! omg!

The cleverest. A gifted student, Yu Howe just got into RI after collecting his PSLE results! Smart eh!!! He knows the capital of countries at 4 years old?? He knows the MRT stations by heart at 3 years old! omg right! He really surprised Aunt Julie!

Yu Howe's sister (:
Also a ballerina sweet!

The 5 flowers! HAHA!
The 4 boys were talking amongst themselves (:


Dinner peeks!

There was Curry Chicken!

Loads of Otah!!!

Mommy and Yu Xin enjoying! (:

And there. The 4 boys! (:

Aunt Julie (black), she teaching at RP and SP. Anyone reading is a student of hers? HAHA!


After dinner, we hanged around.

Took more pictures and we caught Singapore Idol together for awhile before Aunt Julie showed us pictures from their recent Japan Trip! The snow is so so pretty!

Two families sharing their Japan Trip with the rest of us after dinner!

2 of the cousies made the rest wait for them for nearly 2 hours at ski. Cause they were up the ski top, on themselves, and couldnt come down well cause the weather turned bad and the vision was impaired. So the 2 kids ski fell, ski fell their ways down. When they reached the bottom, their face were stoned, for they had no masks on! And their clothes were icy! So scary and worrying!!! Amateurs!

Snacks from Royce! HEHE!
Its potato chips chocolate from Japan! Really yummy!!!!This is the Milk choco!

And we have a packet of the choco potato chip one too! (:

Its crispy!



Sanitary Pad from Taiwan -.- HAHA!!!

Check out the 2 videos! We threw the packet to my Uncle and see his reaction!

Realised we got the same popcorn rubberband! HAHA! They got theirs from Daiso Japan!

Ended with Oreo Christmas Cake (:

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Anonymous said...

hi, i think you and your sis slimmed down a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

hi! where did zonia get her red halter top from?(:

Michelle said...

hey! do u use under-eye concealor? been trying to find out that doesnt show when i take photos w flash!

Anonymous said...

babe, ur skin looks good. care to share your secret? what foundation do u use?


HAHA! I think ive been weight gaining! Zonia did lose quite a number of kilos!!! (:


Hey! Its from Isetan at Wisma! (: She got it for 08's CNY! Not sure if they sell carry it! But i remember its about $50 (:


Hi Michelle, im using Ettusais concealer (:

See here: (:


Hello! I dont use any foundation (: I use a thin layer of makeup base only!

Unknown said...

u look great!:)
Happy New Year Zoe!! Have fun:D

Anonymous said...

Does your sis zonia have her blog too? =)

Anonymous said...

ooh u dont use foundation? then what skin care do you use? ur skin looks reallyy gd!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Where you got your belt from ?? =)

Anonymous said...

hi zoe!

are you using samsung st 550? for the photos in your blog, did you set to any "make-up" or special mode to get this nice effect? coz the photos are really clear and the flash is awesome, not too harsh like canon's.

i'm thinking of buying a new camera but i'm stucked in between panasonic and yours! :(

Anonymous said...

How old's Zonia?(:


Hey! Zonia doesnt blog (:


I just wash my face and dont put makeup unnecessarily! And take alot of water and fruits! (:


Hey! The belt was from HELEN, this accessories shop which you can find at Plaza Sing! I got it long long time back though! (:


Panasonic would be better i think! (: My aunt and Sheila uses it! Im using samsung cause its free! HAHA! (:

If you take pictures w/o flash with samsung, its blur! Thats why i take all pictures with flash! (:


Zonia's one year my junior! (:

Anonymous said...

where u get yr pink top? look great

Anonymous said...

Hey why your sis wears so much blusher (more than you)? Hee she's so young, shld embrace her natural beauty!


Hey there! My pink top is from Vivo! This place called Valerie! (:


She uses bronzer! (: She's tan naturally, so the bronzer looks heavy! (: