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Japanese Barbecue!

On my way to lunch! Japanese Barbecue! (:


There is al fresco at the Jap place as well (:

Love the left sauce! Its peanuty sweet. The one on the right is spicy!

All ready for my food to come!!!!
First time there so i had no idea what to order!


Food came!!! (:

First up, was appetizer Kimchi!

The staff came to put in the charcoal. This system is really really good. You wont stink at all even though its BBQ! They have the suction technology for the grills, so the smelly BBQ smoke will actually get sucked in!

You wont have to leave the place all smelly and sweaty!

They provide napkins too! Embarrassed to put on one, but for pictures. I did.

The salad is sooooooooooooooooooo good!!!! The peanut dressing is so fragrant and special!
And we had spinach salad (:

The main course came! A plate of 5 different meat. There was pork collar, wagyu beef as well!
I hate the taste of beef, but theirs are good! No after taste even!

Having my fun on the grill on the first few pieces of meat! Woohooo!!!

Butter Salmon in aluminum foil on the grill now!

I barely had the chance to dig into my kimchi and salad!! So many to eat! Spoilt for choice!!!

The rice is was so much, i could only manage about 3 mouthfuls?

And Butter Salmon was ready after 5 minutes! The salmon with butter is soooo yum yum!
I'm very dairy person. I love cheese, butter!!!

I poured my hot green tea into the left over ice from my ice water cause the rice was so spicy!!! Got the waitress confused why the ice water she poured me earlier turned yellowish.

Looking down at...


We had Green Tea and Sesame ice cream with Azuki Red bean!

Green tea taste much better! (:

Paid the bill and left. The bill- about $130. The main course of meat itself, costs $120 already.


Headed to Plaza Sing for abit!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Where did u buy the floral dress? :) it is nice!

Anonymous said...

love ur earings.

Anonymous said...

i left a comment enquiring on the camera you're using on the entry dated Wednesday, December 30, 2009. would appreciate if you can reply!

thanks dear :)

Anonymous said...

hi, is the ettusias luggage still available?


Hello! The dress is from Ztyle (:


Thank you! (:


Replied about the camera! (:


Hey there! I don't think its still available! But you can call to make sure!!! (:

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


Is the foos good good over there?:D

thnx cheers:)

Anonymous said...

when you take without flash it's blur meaning due to shaky hands or the camera itself is not good? coz for panasonic, i know the reputation is there but i'm not sure which model to get. i don't want to get a Lumix LX3 coz it's kinda bulky!

i've seen yours in real and it's retailing at $490 currently. quite slim and chic!

so your photos are taken in auto mode with flash enabled that's all right? no make-up or any special mode? :)

Anonymous said...

hello,may i know what is the brand and the colour you use for yr lips? i like the effect it does to your lips. Thank you

Anonymous said...

HI dear wher did u get ur earrings?

Anonymous said...

hey dear, may i know what kind of make up base are you using? =)

Bel Faith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isabella said...

Hi, i would like to ask if you have any tips on how to take care of the eye zone? I tend to have dark circle around my eyes and there are those hideoes expression lines on it!If i take photo with flash it would be worse and even with the samsung camera set to beauty mode, its still dark. Thanks in advance.


Hey Oliver! The food is good but price is steep!! (:


I tried holding still! But it still blurs! (:

You should have it tried before getting it at the Samsung stalls!!! (:


Hey there! On my lip color, You probably missed this post: (:


Hey there! I got my earrings from this shop called Valerie at Vivo! (:


Makeup base: (:

Im using ettusais pre-makeup base!!! Please see above link!


Hey babe! For eyecircles, please see this post!

Ive reviewed on the Ettusais Eye essences before! (:

As for concealer for undereye, you can see this link:

Ettusais got a concealer just got dark eye circles! (:

Anonymous said...

of course i'll try it first before deciding on which camera to get!

thanks babe for your kind assistance :)

have a nice day!