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The Nail Status

Continued. If you have not logged into my page yesterday, please read here!

If you have, please read on! HEHE!

I ended last night's post with these;
"11.30AM: Met Rachel at Redhill Mrt.
12.00PM: Fareast Plaza for lunch.
01.00PM: Nails at The Nails Status.
(Look out for tomorrow's post!!!! Goodies, discount coupons and loads of pictures assured!)"

Tadah! A few more pictures of Zonia and I before i headed out to meet Rachel at Redhill Mrt!

Pretty blinged sequins on the bust area!

11.30AM: Met Rachel and took Bus 132 to town from outside my Condo. (She played with my new baby camera on our journey there!)Align Left

12.00PM: LUNCH!

Rachel had cravings for Shilin's mee sua. And we had them. Not a fan of their mee sua, but i'm really not fussy on what's for meals.
P/s: I love oysters tho! HAHAHA!

I took these pictures myself! Using the front camera on the Samsung camera! There's this screen just next to the camera lens, so i can see myself and the smile detector triggers when i smile and snaps! Woohoooo! Good Stuff!!!!

How could we not have bubble tea when we visit Fareast! HAHA!

I don't remember a time i don't get a cup of Milk Tea without pearls when i am at Fareast. Sheila loves them too! Its a must to get before manicure!

01.00PM: YES, I said, MANICURE!!!! Oh lalalalalala!!!!~

Check out my sexay babe! She has been doing my nails ever since Rachel recommended me there! Sheila, have since been visiting them every 2 weeks!

Haven had a chance to share this place with you cause they are really strict on this NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy in their cosy place! I heard that there were people who steal their pretty designs and creative ideas. Boo!

See the gold and silver! Its my 2 tone base color! Maybel picked the colors that compliment my skin! (:

Last heating before the designs come in!!!! The blue light does wonders. No heat but the gel hardens!

Process of blending the gold in, with the silver gel (:

Damn sad. This is the only photo of Vanessa dear at manicure! She was doing pedicure whilst Rach and i were in front doing our fingers!

Look how well maybel does! Using the powder, she slowly shapes. Not a flower, but a ribbon!!!!

Look at those cutesy tails that accompany the bow!
I like that. I like that. I like that!!!!

Super Christmasty!!!

Picture of the finishing work! One hand down, one more to goooo!!!


End product:

And my really good and sweet manicurist, Maybel! Shes so funny, it will never be boring spending 3 hours doing gel nails!!!!

04.30PM: Happily left The Nail Status for camera pouch and strap shopping!

A silly photo of me with my new camera pouch.
The nails must have gotten the ribbon fetish into me!

05:30PM: Accompanied the babes for their dinner at Lucky Plaza!

07:00PM: Dinner time!!!

Had dinner at Paragon's Fish and Co.!!! I like the eggs from the prawns!

08.45PM: Walked The Market Place and i went home right after! It was a rather long day huh?
Considering having an appointment with Von for hair coloring!!!

And for those who are reading this, i managed to get a 3 different promos for you!!! You can bring a bestie and get pampered with full mani and pedi at only $68 OR 15% off any nail service OR The Nail Status membership at only $48! This membership (USUAL:$80) entitles me to 15% off all services and i get 50% off on my birthday month!!! I can do anything there, and go everyday even!!!! On top of this price offs, i get discounts off the nail products and other products there toooo!!!! (:

Soooooo, all you have to do is:
1. Make an appointment!
2. Print this e-coupon!
3. And you are all ready for nails like mineeeeeeeeeeeee! (:

P/s: How can it get easier than this?

Reminder: Get your Christmas nails done!!!

Credits Nails: The Nail Status

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Anonymous said...

Where did you buy yur camera pouch from? thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi babe,
how much did u spend for yr nails? I was quoted $150 from another shop for nails like this and just wanted to see if it's cheaper at nail status. Thanks!


Hey dear, i got the pouch from a handphone retailer at fareast plaza! Its a small shop at level 3! (:


Hey there! 150 for single or dual base? (: Mine is dual of gold and silver so its abit more expensive.

I did full manicure+ dual tone gel extensions+ 4 ribbons and 4 diamonds= $170 after 15% (around there)

My friends that do there love it at Nail Status cause it can last really longggg and the glossy surface is lasting and awesome! (:

Anonymous said...

hi dear,
any recommendations for a good brand of strapless bra? i find that most of my strapless bras keep slipping down. Am looking for a good one. =)

Anonymous said...

hey babe do you photoshop your pictures? if not which camera made all your pictures so nice? :)

Anonymous said...

hello babe, may i check with you which eyeliner are you using and which shop did you get your eyebrows trimmed ? its nice. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hey dear, where did you buy your bracelet? It's so sweet! And you look gorgeous! (:


Hey there! I use really normal triumph or young hearts bras! And go strapless with them! Haven bought a real strapless bra, still looking around tho im considering Victoria Secrets'! (:


Im using my new samsung camera! The latest one with the front LCD! It was beauty mode too (:


Eyeliner: I'm using Ettusais' liquid eyeliner (usually in brown but in black if i gotta use falsies!)

Eyebrows: I do mine at benefit sometimes, most of the times i tweeze myself tho! I wax them only once every 3-4 months??


Bracelet: I got them from Bugis!!! (: Really prettyyyy!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, just wanna ask where you do your hair treatment at? what's the cost?

Anonymous said...

hi just to double check its $68 for two person if i bring a friend along right?


Von (: at lorong manbong! Its about 90-100 dollars!


Yes! that's right! Classic manicure and pedicure for 2 at $68 only! Bring more friends okay!

Anonymous said...

hi lovely Zoe! can i know u wat kind of eyeslash u use, i love the way u make up ur eys.Wat lipstick u use too or u born with nature pinky lip

Anonymous said...

any number to call nail status to book appt?


Hey dear! Im using random cheap falsies! No brand! HEHE! Yea, u got natural pink lips cause of heatyness la, my mom says! (:


Hey so sorry! Here's the no. !

Nail Status Number:

Laurelin said...

but i live in vegas :(
where would one go to get nails like that in vegas

Evelina said...

GOD I LOVE THE POUCH!:O why can't they have things like that here in Finnland? :( I'm so jealous! Give it to me! :D