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Help from Ettusais at Lolliepop's shoot!

I am a graduate! Cleared all my papers! 65-77 marks for the 5 papers!
No more exams. Unless i decide to take Masters? HAHAHA!

And Kathie was telling me that she liked how i did my eyes the other day at her shoot.

I excitedly took out the eyecolors from my makeup pouch and showed them to her! Just received the new goodies from Sher at the office. The eyecolors have just been launched and being an ambassador, i get to see them first hand! Aww! The benefits huh!

I used the Gold palette for lolliepopbestie's shoot as her outfits are targeted at Prom/Christmas events! The gold palette comes with black color, looks so good!

It's no longer eyeshadow, powders, like the other 2 eyeshadows i shared. This time, it's Platinum Star Eye Gloss! The gloss are of different size PEARLS! So you can really picture how glittery and glamorous it can be! Gold itself is total blingness, plus now with Pearls fillings!!! This explains the brilliance and multi-dimensional finish. Application is so easy since it's Gloss Smooth, just spread on eyelid with the fingers. Correction and blending to create graduation are hassle free now!

I applied the lighter color (GOLD) over the whole eyelid, used the darker shade (BLACK) along the lash line and blended upwards to create a mild smokey effect! Dark eyes looks best at shoots!

Here are the 2 older eyeshadow posts i've shared!
Eyecolor 1
Eyecolor 2

Besides new additions to my eyecolors series, i collected a new item from Sher. The first i'm getting this item from Sher! I was wowed by the pretty casing, and then double wowed by the usage and benefits of it!

This tiny casing is the Platinum star Powder! Love the pretty casing! Same collection as the eye gloss, its blinged silver stars against black! All for the X'mas season's mood!

  • The powder is of ultra fine pearls and soft pink in color to exude a radiant glow!
  • The powder has sebum absorbing function, best for my 4 hour long shoot!
  • There's AC control oil to prevent blemishes!
  • Jojoba oil ingredients that conditions skin!
(That's why Ettusais is my no. 1 choice! Their makeup have skin care benefits too!)

After the shoot, i still looked like i had just applied my makeup on! No oil, no melting makeup!
Before, I used just white eyeshadow on my nose bridge to attain a higher nose bridge. (Very lame, but yes! Cause i couldn't get a perfect highlighter!!!) HAHA! Now i use this star powder on my cheek bones and nose bridge to get a 3D effect (:

There are 3 color palettes to the Star Eyegloss! Silver, Pink and Gold! (Named according to lightest color in respective palette)

Here's the Pink Palette! Comes with Purple! This picture gives justice to how the pretty casings look like!

Absolute blingness. Shine, let it shine this Christmas! (:

Closeup of the makeup! (:

Photobucket Ettusais

The official website.

Email to for advertising rates (:

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Anonymous said...

hey babe,
i am a reader of your blog and i love your ettusias reviews.
recently bought some ettusias items to try..!!

Anonymous said...

hi i m curious ......may i noe are u taking related diploma for ur degree? as i thought usually it needs takes 3years to complete a degree especially SIM is part time 1 for 2nd and 3rd year, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hw to create the look like urs so natural & nice?

Which palette is ur best one?


Yay! I love ettusais goodies too! (: What have you gotten!


I took my diploma in SIM as well, right after my O levels. After which i continued with my degree (: SIM offer full time courses too. I'm exempted from some modules as my diploma is of relevancy. So here i am, graduated at 20 (:


Hey love, which are you interested to attain? (:

Eyes, skin color, lips?

Anonymous said...

All of them! Haha!

Anonymous said...

i have tried out the facial bar and lip essence..
intending to get more. my brother is also going to use ettusias products for guys too..

Anonymous said...

hi..may i know where did you buy the black pump of urs in this photoshoot? =)


Yay!!! Which is the fav product! (:


Did u get them during the promo when you get a free gift if you were to mention my name!!! (:

oh man! I haven really seen the guys prdts! Whats ur bro's take on it! (:


Black heels: I got them at only $25 at fareast plaza cause its a last pair of size 35 (:

Anonymous said...

Hey u miss my comment..


Please leave a name when you babes comment!? HEHE! Cause i dont know which reply is for which! I thought "All of them" was a reply to "which prdts did you buy!"

HEHE! Sorry! (:

Eyes: I use ettusais liquid eyeliner in brown and black. The new eyeshadow palette!

Skincolor: I use ettusais makeup base as foundation/moisturiser before using the PK 1 blusher (:

Lips: I dont use anything! HEHE! Got heaty red lips!

Anonymous said...

When apply ettusais make up base it wun become oily or shiny? Hw to blend the new eye shadow colour till like ur effect?


Nope its not oily at all (: Gives a matt finish actually.

Ehh. Hard to reply tat question on how to blend! HAHA! More of application than theory dear! If i were to explain. It would be;

1. Use the lighter shade first

2. Pick up the darker shade and dap on the outer eye and slowly use ur fingers to blend both colors together.

Practice makes perfect! (: The more you do, the better it gets ya!