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Get ready for Christmas/Prom! (:

Here's another post, just for Christmas/Prom!

First things first, get a set of reliable makeup! I definitely recommend Ettusais! HEHE!

Not cause im an ambassador of ettusais! But because i love how their products have skin care benefits as well! AC control, prevent acne, minimize, lighten and cure acne! Woolalala!

Get their Zero Pore Pact (foundation), Eyeshadow, Mascara, lipgloss and you will be all glamorous looking for Prom or that Christmas Partyyyy!!!

, get the dress ready!!!

This dress is less than $40? And fits Prom/Christmas so well! I dont recommend Daniel Yam cause you will probably see someone clad in the same dress as you if you are going for a big party!

This is where .com comes in handy. Most of them bring in limited pieces, so there's exclusivity in their items!

Step 3, get accessories!
Just like the dress, i choose exclusive pieces. They are couple of websites that will cater to the occasion. One of which will definitely be Janth Avenue. I've gotten pieces from them before, and i will be considering this piece i got the last time into consideration!

This piece, handmade, is so detailed and delicate. Look at the thin, delicate gold wirings that goes around each clay flowers. And the best i like about this necklace, is definitely the diamonds that string the necklace chain (:

If you feel that a simple accessory will go better, you can definitely find a piece you love at Janth Avenue.

Last up, get a bag!

So you see, doesnt have to be a clutch bag (:
Get a safe color if you havent decided on the dress to wear. Silver, Gold, Black or white!

If you see, i wore a silvery pair of heels. I personally like my bag and shoes to match (:

Another option, is to use a clutch. Again, the bag i chose matches the heels i put on. The gold studs on the bag is the reason i chose this bag, apart from its black color.

Hope this helps you! (:
For girls who would like to share your own views on the perfect outfit, leave a tag!!!! Share it with the other girls, for this special occasion (:


P/s: Milly Walker that brought us the pretty dress is having their year end sale! Do remember to log into their site to get your hands on those pretty pieces (:

Talking about Christmas! I got a present early! From my little cousin!

Thanks Yu Xin! (:

Credits tube dress:
Photography and bags: Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Wad eyeshadow & blusher shade u using? Eyeliner? Pencil, gel or liquid?

Anonymous said...

mind teaching how to do the make up step by step?
really looking forward to it =)
btw i love reading your entries


Anonymous said...

nice clutch... may i know whr u got it?

dramamamamia said...

babe! ur complexion is just so good!! can i ask which colour would u recommend for the limited edition of ettusais platinum star eye gloss? i like all 3 colours...but i cant be buying all. will be broke man!! cos i intedn to get the star powder too. heeeeee=p thanks thanks!! :)

Unknown said...

hey hey:)

Combining all steps together = You look Awesome:D


Zanne said...

Hi, your silver heels are pretty. Where were they from? (:

Anonymous said...

Hi, what camera are you using? :)


If you read the other posts, i would have said im using ettusais latest platinum eyecolors, blusher in PK1, eyeliner in liquid! (:


Hi Samantha, step by step makeup? HAHA! I dont think i have the time, but i have already done up posts of baseup base to eyecolors in my ettusais posts (:


Clutch belongs to Kathie (: Scroll to end of the post, you will get to see the credits (:


Hey dramamamamia! I like the Gold palette best!!! (:

Followed by the silver one! HEHE! I wanted to get all 3 too! The colors are all soooo pretttyyy!


Thanks Oliver! (: Share yours too ya!


hello Zanne! The heels are from Mondo at Fareast, but its a last pair of size 35. Got them from the discount mondo outlet! (:


Im using samsung's ST 550 (:

Anonymous said...

platinum eyecolors in which shade? Sliver, gold or pink palettle?

dramamamamia said...

YEAH babe! u make mi CONFIRM on my eye palette colour.GOLD!! i also prefer GOLD, den silver...all are nice lahs...huff!!

Kitty said...

Hi Zoe,

You have nice looking eyes.. Can i know what contact lens you are using for this post and where can i buy?


My fav is the Gold, followed by Silver (:


Have you gotten yours, Dramamamamia! (:


Hi Kitty, thanks! (:

The lens are dueba (: