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Prom Night Special

I last bought from Troytees in August! Been months since i found something i can't get my eyes off. I was waiting for their manufactured piece ever since the lovely owner told me they were designing something for their shoppers which includes, yours truly (:

So when i received a sneak peek of their latest very own manufactured design, i made an order quick even before it was launched! I can't wait for a BO lah! After seeing the pictures, you would know exactly how i felt.

Top part first!!! The satin black sash is included in the grey dress!
My perfect butterfly ribbon creation.

Ready for the main wow wow of the dress? (:

. . .

. . .

. . .

Check this out, yo!

Pretty right! Troytees understand that Prom is coming and they designed and planned in advance for Prom! This dress comes in sweet lavender and sexy red! Just the colors you need for glamorous Prom Night!

Here are the other colors that you can get this pretty piece in;

and let me tell you a secret.

This dress can be worn in more than 2 ways. Explore it!!!!

Email for advertising rates (:

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Anonymous said...


everytime after u put on ur makeup base, do you use moisturiser and all first or just apply makeup base first??

i do have ettusais makeup base for oily skin one... dun dare to use it cause i scare it will clog my pores =(

you massage them in cicular form or?


Makeup base: Hey yo! Makeup base acts as a moisturiser already!!! (:

It definitely wont clog your pores as its not powder (: I usually use a sponge, go in circular motion, to put on the creams. But, ring finger in circular motion works just as well!

kaikai said...

hey hey.. how much are the hair treatments at von's cost? like the price range?? :) teehee... i hav long hair and big face.. i feel like changing my hair style...

Anonymous said...

oh i see... put i tried putting on just now... it seems oily liddat leh :( do you used it everyday? :)

Anonymous said...

hoho! which means after cleansing of face, ccan just apply makeup base? will sunblock be better than makeup base? because both protect skin as well :)

do you used it everyday? any results?


Hey Kaikai, the prices ranges. Think 90-120? Cause there are different kinds of treatments! (:

You should go to Von for hairstyle change! I had mine changed at his place! I had flat long fringe. Gross to come to think of it! Boo!


Makeup base: Hey yo! Its not oily on my skin! (:

And yes, i use it everyday when i go out! I don't use it if im staying at home! (:

Sunblock acts just as a sunblock, not a makeup base. Ettusais's makeup base has sunblock benefits so its like a 2 in 1. If you are going to use sunblock, you will still have to apply a layer of makeup base before piling the makeup on! (:

Anonymous said...

Oh which means, putting on makeup base is good enough? need not use sunblock, it's my choice right??

because i'm afraid it clog pores, leaving on my table for sooo long alr haha...

Anonymous said...

and also applying it, circular movements not straight up/down right?


Makeup got expiry date (: Prob 1 year after open or something! You can google to confirm! And yes, ring figer in circular motion!