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All for you, Yanli and Jing (:

Loads of pictures at the hospital! HAHA! Love my new trinkets! (:

. . .

Headed to Cityhall to meet the girlies for surprise birthday meetups for 2 besties! They thought they were celebrating for each other! HEHE! (:

The 3 of us were the earliest so we got the cakes and got the pressies all prettily ready!
We took turns to write on the cards!

And i tried writing in Chinese. But i had to think veryyy long. Chinese rusty already! I even wrote a wrong word. En just had to capture it!!!! ):

Birthday girl no. 1 came. Sexy Jing!

Loads of yummy food! And a picture of surprise birthday strudels! Strawberry for birthday girl 1, jing. And Apple for Birthday girl 2, yanli! (: (:

Last few pictures as we were settling bills over the counter (:
Im so gonna miss them. Next meetup, Christmas get together! I cant wait.

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Anonymous said...

the black blazer from holly hoque is from which collection?

Anonymous said...

where did u get yr pink & black tube top fr?

Anonymous said...

to anonymous: *laughs
i just bought the pink & black tube from twistpolka few days back. But i'm not sure if zoe got it from them.

here's the link if you need:


Blazer: Hey yo! Its quite an old collection! Not sure if they still carry them! Email her! (:


Black satin dress: Hey! Twistpolka!!! (:

Anonymous said...

hi zoe, is the blazer loose on a uk 6, narrow shoulders? looks good but i thought it looked too big on nicole :(


Hey yo, im a UK 6 and rather broad shoulders from swimming and netball!! Nic has small shoulders, like you probably!