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Goodies to be unveiled here!

I have 2 new products in my makeup pouch!

On the way to Sheila's for her shoot! Eyes get tired after awhile, just a mere 2 hours, because of the lens. Lens are cosmetic enhancing products huh? I use the 0 degree lens for vanity! LOL. I really wonder how girls or even boys can wear their lens for 8 hours, or even 12 hours! Salute!!

Wore a simple red spag to visit Grandma in the morning. Done with advertorials for the week! (:
Gotta give myself a pat on the back! HEHE!

And it was Japanese food for dinner!

Chawanmushi came first! I love Ichiban's! The taste of egg is really strong! Super yummy. I'm salivating thinking about it! =p

I didn't quite fancy the Wagyu beef bowl, the taste of the beef was so pungent and raw. But i love the mushrooms and dig the onions! HEHE!

I love my makeup that day. Shoot with Sheila was at 7.30pm and my makeup still looked so good!

All thanks to?

. . .

My medicated acne whitening UV EX!

It's the makeup base from Ettusais that i have been using since March this year! Onto the 2nd bottle ever since i started on it!

I use it before any makeup cause it has sunscreen protection SPF 24 PA ++! Too much sun causes freckles and pigmentation! Super yucky! This lil' bottle lightens scars and uneven pigmentation as well as prevents makeup from fading! Super good right!

Which means, i can, or rather, WE CAN, go out the whole day. Morning to Night and not have our makeup fade!

Can you see the difference between the pictures?
I've stressed in almost every post that if we were to apply creams/serums onto our face. Never use the index finger cause its to strong for our delicate skin! We don't want to create wrinkles at a young age ah! (:

So remember to use your middle or ring finger to massage gently!

As above, it is a really lightweight formula, and Ettusais carries it in Oil block or Dry block formulas!

. . .

Next up, after the makeup base, i will reach for My Zero Pore Pact. Those that have been following, would have read about my previous entry. Those who are new here! Here's the LINK!

Its been 9 months since i started on the foundation! On my third cake, and still; "I'm loving it!" (:
I even got a new foundation case!

I like this foundation over the rest cause of so many reasons! Here are 5 reasons that sits on top of my list;

1. Its absorbs sebum!!
2. Moisturizes my skin even though it's powder based!
3. Gives me a smooth, LASTING & natural finish (Makeup can stay from day to night! It's like fade-free!!!)
4. SPF 12 PA++ (I don't think many foundation has such a formula!) Protects my skin from the damaging sun rays!
5. It comes in either oil or dry block!

I've got comb- skin, so i use the Oil block formula. When i use this Zero Pore Pact (ZPP), it prevents shine through its sebum absorption ability that absorbs excess sebum. Oooh lala~ If your foundation isn't serving you as well, its time for you to check around for a perfect one like mine! (:

And tadah, that's how i managed to keep my makeup looking good for a shoot at that lasted from 7pm-9pm! Not forgetting that i left home at 10.30am to accompany Grandma in the hospital!

You can visit our website to view the Dry block formulas or even chance upon a product or two that might be just what you have been looking for! (:

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The official website.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, can I know where you got your red spag top? :D
And do you do touch ups using foundation throughout the day?


hello! I don't use foundation on usual dayouts! I only have on makeup base that doubles up as a moisturizer and UV protection! (:

Red spag top is from Gojane US (:

Pearlyn said...

Hey Zoe,
Where did you get those lovely pink floral bangles that you wore in HH latest collections?

Anonymous said...

hey hey.. where did you get those nude colour or skin colour heels u wore on hh latest collection?

Anonymous said...

hey what blusher do you usually use? :)


Hi Pearlyn, i got them from Forever 21 US (:


Nude heels: They are from Wisma Atria! (:


Blusher: Check out this posts/links dear!


2. (PK1)

Melissa said...


Just wondering if Ettusais give out samples? Ever since i started reading your blog (which is recently), i've been noticing ettusais even more. However, their products are a lil pricey, it would be really expensive to purchase they makeup pdts and end up not working well for my skin.


Hi Melissa. Pricey as compared to? Loreal brands like Maybelline or even Revlon?

I believe in higher pricing for quality. Ettusais makeup products have skincare benefits. And if you're talking about the skincare products being expensive, i believe that SK ll is even much more steep. Ettusais products are made in Japan and suits Asian skins very well.

If u're interested in our skin care products such as the facial wash regime, we do sell trial sizes (:

Hope this answers your doubts (:
Good Night!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, whre did you get ure coloured contacts from and may i know wht colour is tht?

gummy bear said...

hi.may i noe wads a full hard wax brazillian???

kaikai said...

hey.. tried finding the heels at wisma.. culdnt find.. rmb which shop and price of the heels? hehe.. i like it..

dramamamamia said...

babe! yeah my ah ma told mi b4 dun use index finger apply stuffs..cos index finger is suppose to be "poisonous".

i love reading ur blog cos u nv fail to answer each & every enquiries lohs THUMBS UP!!& im starting to love ettusais now :)

Anonymous said...

hi, i noticed that your hair is quite thick do you experience any hair loss before? I keep having this prob, heard that hair treatment like protein ca help to solve this prob. Is it true? How you maintain your hair? thanks.


Contacts: You can get them from beauty-inhouse (:


Hey gummy bear, hard wax is just usage of wax that hardens and hair can be pulled off directly.

Usual soft wax needs a cloth or other application to remove the hairs (:


Hi KaiKai, they are from Schu! Not sure if they still have them! Got it awhile ago, you can go check out!!! (:


Yo Dramamamamia, did you get anything from HH's latest collection! (:

My Grandma din know lah! The other day at the hospital, i just told her about using ring finger! HEHE! Ettusais is love! Do support them Okays! (:


Hair: Hey yo, i got really thin hair! I've got the least hair my hair stylist ever seen actually!

I try maximising hair growth by going for regular hair treatments at Von's (92995052) as hair treatments can soften hair as well as get rid of stubborn hair oil causing hair loss! You can also DIY treatments at home yea! (:

I'm not really sure about Protein Ca though i have heard of this term before (: Sorry couldnt be of help!