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Make room for Pearlavish!

I like Yakult! A bottle a day! (:

Japan China Australia Brazil
Created by Minoru Shirota who graduated from the Medical School of Kyoto University in 1930.

. . .

Cute lil toddlers at school! Did you know that there is a childcare centre at SIM? (:

Beautiful view at Sushi Teh (:
I love the fluffy clouds!!!

Yummy lunch!!! (:
Daisoooooooooooo is next!

I don't even have to go into Daiso with the intention to buy something. Just walking around and i will be happy! There are always so many interesting stuff they carry!

La Pi Xiao Xin! The creator of this cartoon died recently. He fell to his death on a hiking trip alone. Guess there won't be anymore series on the cartoon? Oh boy, i have the whole collection of the DVD/VCD ): "Mama! Mamaaaa~"

. . .

A few emailed to ask me what gloss i use. I dont use anything on my lips. My lips are of this pink. Sometimes i have to use nude lipstick to tone the pink!

Went to visit Grandma after school.

Grandma scheduled for an Op on Friday. Everything will be fine. Everything will be...

. . .

. . .

And before i left home for school, i managed to do up a product review! Cant wait to share it soon! It can minimize your small pimples and double up as a concealer! Feel the suspense? HAHA!

Email to for advertising rates (:

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waterbottle said...

hi again"-- hahas..i love those kids..they are so cutie:DD

Anonymous said...

hi sch mate .. the atrium photos was taken after bb exams ah .... the bb paper was a killer .. haha i scared last paper da pao luck though

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet, what powder are you using? Do you use liquid foundation or 2 way cake? You have clean & beautiful complexion =)

Anonymous said...

hello zoe!
can i check with you if HH is still selling their cream zara knitted cardigan?

cos from your Nov 11 post's comments,
you said that you're contemplating whether you should get the cream one, but HH's available items left is only the white one? or they still have the cream one left?

i wanted to get the cream one! but from the backorder i joined, they have defects on it so i chose for a refund instead of waiting longer! ): wad a regretful decision.


oh ya pretty, to add on! i was in the newface the year you joined! think i was just in front of you in the queue of going into the room (smiling to few judges!) haha, surprisingly i still remember! lol. and im also in the year you joined hey gorgeous for SIM, i was in for the NYP's! haha. so coincidental. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, i love this pic of yours.

Is that pic with makeups on?
your skin looks clean and clear :D may i know do you use ettusais products everyday or only when you have breakouts?

You used ettusais products too before putting on makeups?

Anonymous said...

Hi r u using the zero pore pact & ettusais pencil eyeliner? Very nice & natural !


Hey waterbottle! Couldnt agree less!!! (:


SAME! Bb was a killer! Do drop me on how you do okay on 3rd! HAHA!


On foundation: Hey yo! I don't use foundation unless for shoots and events! (:

I only use a layer of makeup base before some blusher and eyeliner! (:

But if i do, i use ZPP! Ettusais' 2 way cake! (:


On cardigans: Oh darn! Such a waste! I wanted cream too! HEHE! But there's no more left! ): Im sure you can find something else which you would like at the next collection!

Oh!!! You were in my batch of TNPNF! Drop me your blog or fb which carries your picture! I have a good memory so i hope your face is still in my memory! HEHE!


Hey dear! That's a picture of me with a layer of makeup base, blusher and eyeliner! (: The mild makeup i always use. Its probably the contacts that makes the picture looks good!

Check out my next 2 posts on the latest ettusais products yea! One of which is the makeup base! Really awesomeee!


Hey yo! I usually just have makeup base, blush and my ettusais liquid eyeliner in brown! HEHE! I use pencils/eyeshadows in brown for lower eyeline!!!! (:

You outta try the liquid eyeliner, really smooth and delicate! (:

Anonymous said...

wow you look great even without foundation! which makeup base u r using sweet, Medicated Acne Whitening UV or Flat Design Color Changer? does it have a bit of color on the face after applying? thanks sweet!


hey love, thanks for the compliment! (: *Blush!

I'm using the medicated acne whitening which you can catch on my next ettusais writeup!!! Its lightweighted, so there isn't much color change which i love! I hate creams that make the face looks too white and dont compliment the neck color! (:

Anonymous said...

hey hello! hahaha, dun think you'll remember me la. cos i put on braces after that newface contest alr. so my look kinda changed alot. plus, im paiseh la! haha, you so pretty, cannot compare with you! =p that year you went into which round? (; the top 60?