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Chester Tan Photography

Thanks to Chester, i learnt about the Samsung Contest on Facebook.
Thanks to those who helped with a vote and like, i managed to pull through the contest.

And it was Chester, again, who informed me of my win!

Chester got the camera himself and i tried it at his place just the other day! Was really fascinating! Front Camera? Woots!

The picture i took with his camera. The front camera, that it.

How can i thank Chester enough? So the remaining post is for him! LOL!

. . .

Digged into my Portfolio Album and picked a few of my favorite pictures from the shoot with Chester (:

You like his works? Need a photographer for your portfolio? Do contact him at! Or you would like something special, a Photo Story to keep all the special memories, like the one i did with Chester above. (The Final Ember music Video!)

You could also visit his website to see more of his works!!!

. . .

Talking about photoshoots and events, please be weary of another imposer.

Adding a . and a s and contacting girls using my name is really sick.
Sigh. Why are people so annonying, using my names to other girls.

Exams are over! I think i will just settle for providing talents for events and blog shop shoots for the time being. Weekends, for my family and friends (:

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waterbottle said...

hi:]here again.
congrats on winning the contest:]
and OMG! how could the person impose you!he/she is so!@#$%!!!!

Unknown said...

grats on winning:)
Great photo:)