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I want to treat my cheeks!

I've got an annoying problem.

My skin gets really oily by mid day around the cheeks and unfortunately, these places are acne prone areas! The excess sebum results in not only rough skin but enlarged pores as well!!

I had to find a way to fix it, and there was only one way I knew of.


Luckily ettusais launched a new product that might well be the ultimate solution to my problem. Phew!!!

This is what i got!

Ettusais Acne Pore Smooth Concealer.

It comes in a small cutesy tub and a spatula is included. (I lifted this from our webbie! There's much moreeeeeeeee info there, or rather HERE!)

You can see it looks exactly like your usual concealer. Except that there’s only 1 shade to this concealer! Wwhhhyyyy??? Enlarged pores look more obvious because of their reddish black appearance, which is actually a shadow!! And excess sebum doesn’t help to make this shadow look inconspicuous either. Ettusais’ new concealer prevents this shadow from forming, while treating your skin at the same time.

I hate creams that are beneficial to my skin but are far to white and looks patchy after I put on my makeup!! This has a creamy texture, but isn’t too thick either.

It's really easy to use this concealer! Let me show you how (:

First of all, i veil my skin with a makeup base.

Then, using the spatula, i dip into the mini tub. Just a lil' at a time! I dab it onto fingers and dap onto both my cheeks where i want to treat and spread gently. Do not use the spatula directly on the face!

You want the concealer to blend well! Not too thick that your makeup becomes unnatural. Don't worry about stickiness you always get from creams. This will have zero sticky feeling! You can see that my skin has tiny excess sebum at the bottom left picture. (Pictures taken after the day out)

The concealer works as a mini sponge that absorbs excess sebum so your blemishes aren't so obvious from the shine! Furthermore, the concealer can also act as a shield against future blemishes. Another plus for this product!!

At the same time, the AC control oil ingredient retains moisture and protects skin from future acne. (Over drying skin is bad too!!! Peels!)

Voila!! (: Say Goodbye to enlarged pores and excess sebum that creates acne! (:

P/S: The bottle is so tiny that i bring it out for touch ups!

You really need to get into our website for more information!!! Our nice personnel over at Ettusais created a guide just for all of us!

Photobucket Ettusais

The official website.

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catherine said...

zoe, may I know which brand of eyeliner u're using ? it's so pretty.. is it the liquid one ? Thanks before :)

Jinny said...

is there any discount quoting your name at the ettusais counter?


Hi Cat! I got mine from Ettusais, its liquid and in brown! (:


Hello Jinny, please read up on the previous post! (:

Ettusais is in departmental stores, not blogshops! (: So there are no regular name quotings for perks! BUT, once in awhile we have promos and free gifts, workshops if you were to mention my nameeee! (:

Hope this answers your question dear! (:

Anonymous said...


can u teach me how to measure correctly if i will to buy skirt from blog shop?

catherine said...

thank u zoe. may I know how much is it ? I think I will get one for me :D


On skirts: Hey dear! I dont buy bottoms off the online bloghops! Cause sizes really varies! (:

Sorry cant be of help!!!


Hey again Cat,

here's the link for the eyeliner, actually i placed the direct link of at the end of every post! The prices and different colors/formulas are all in the web! Please explore it okay! HEHE!

catherine said...

thank u zoe :)

Unknown said...

hey! i would like to know if you used it over your makeup or what? :) love your makeup? you able to share the products that you use? i am so noob.. always end up using products that clog up pores :(

Anonymous said...

hey hello zoe!

may i know where can i get this - Ettusais Acne Pore Smooth Concealer? how much is it retailing at? (;