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Ebisboshi Shotengai Experience!

Grandma done with her Op, breaks our hearts when we hear her say its really painful with that weak weak voice.

Spent the whole day at the hospital today, gotta rest early for another day at the hospital tomorrow!

. . .

On the way to lunch! Decided on visiting Iluma to have a good lunch. Guess where i decided to visit?

. . .

I swore to return to the Japanese restaurant after I worked for an event there at the restaurant's launch back in June. You can see more pictures on the event HERE! (:

Back then, I was dressed as a French Maid, one of the themes in the restaurant! It's a Japanese theme restaurant, rare in Singapore! The sad thing then was I could only look on as the many customers tucked into the delicious looking food.

This time round, I was a customer!!! (:

Check out my delighted look while walking in! HAHA!

The restaurant has 3 different themes all in a location, and the 3 themes each has different atmospheres, deco as well as FOOD! Sounds complex? Not at all! There are many signboards to guide you around to the right area based on your food preference, And if that's not clear enough, the helpful staff on hand are ever so ready to give you advice!

As the last time i visited there was for work, i did not really have the opportunity to walk through well enough to see what was the fare the restaurant had to offer! Requested for a quick tour before deciding on what to have! The staff were really friendly and walked me through the restaurant patiently! Super nice right! Top notch service!!!! (:

I was greeted with the Sweet Brothers Signboard at the entrance. The exact same spot i took the french maid picture at the June event. I just had to take another picture! WAHAHA!

The pictures of the 1st theme.

There are like 5 different cuisines served from 5 different booths. I was told that we could order from 1 of the 5 or from all the 5!

Right at the counter! I made a silent promise to visit this after i filled my tummy! HEHE! Japanese snacks flown in from the streets of Japan!

Pictures of the 2nd theme.

Alcohol bottles kept for regulars. This is the place where customers come for drinks and some finger food. The Japanese especially love a drink after a busy day at work, so this place is the perfect chill out zone for them. Definitely not the theme i will be dining at though! WAHAHA!

Pictures of the 3rd theme.

Gotta be my absolute fav! Look at the cutesy french maids in their uniforms! Uber cute! I think the boys will be eating their hearts out when they have their meals there. How to concentrate on the steamboat served there!

. . .

Having walked through the 3 themes, i decided on theme 1. More varieties lah! I wanted to try everything!!!! Greedy me!!

I had fun with ordering! The waitresses just left after they brought us to seats. Dropped off an electronic pen. Ordering here is self service! All i had to do was to tap, tap, and tap on the food that i wanted. I think it works through some bluetooth system that goes through the entire restaurant. Super cool huh!

Tap food, tap quantity, tap review, tap order! Easy and fun, without the stress of having the server looking over your shoulder waiting for your decision! Now you can really take your time to order what you want!

Other than the normal menu, the restaurant also has seasonal promotions. This time round, they were having the Hokkaido Fair, serving food all the way from Sapporo! This includes the world-famous Hokkiado crabs! And check out the desserts man! There were pages of desserts!!!! Everything looked so pretty. Japanese and their presentation!

Miso Butter Corn Ramen was the first dish to be served, followed by my favorite Salmon Sashimi. I have to order this at every Japanese restaurant. Too bad Sheila doesn't like Fish. I remember the first time we had Japanese Food, i ordered Sashimi, and had to finish them all by myself cause she doesn't take Fish. Fussy pot-.-

The salmon was delightfully fresh, and sliced with the perfect thickness. I like!

Next up was Japanese Oden, apparently Japan's answer to Yong Tao Fu. The soup was clear and fresh, with a tinge of sweetness. Inside this dish was radish, a hard-boiled egg, and a fish roll!

We had Cha Soba too! The soba was tangy and not clumped together, and the soba sauce not overly salty unlike some I tasted in other places.

Pork Loin Katsu which i didn't have much cause my throat was not really well! The Tonkatsu sauce was the perfect compliment to the Katsu, adding a extra oomph to the crispy pork cutlet!

The Kakiage Udon was really good too! The Udon was springy, boiled to perfection. Love the Ebi as well, plus there were fried carrots and red peppers to provide a fresh vegetable taste into the dish.

This has got to be one of the best dishes! Teppan No Hoshi Special (Okonomiyaki) Really different from the ones you get from Takashimaya and other Japanese places! This Okonomiyaki is not just the regular fried noodles with a cheese/egg. This is fried layer by layer, with every layer having something different. For instance, Vege, scallop, and noodles topped off with a fried egg and sauce!!!

The last dish was my absolute fav! Cute name; Crouching Tiger roll. Don't ask me if there's a reason behind the name! WAHAHA! Prawn tempura, crabstick, cucumber sushi roll wrapped with boiled prawns, topped with flying fish roe! So much ingredients packed into a sushi set at price tag of around $12? The best part has to be the unique mayonaisse generously layered on top of the roll. This special sauce is not just any mayonaisse from the supermarket shelves-the secret recipe apparently is conjured by the Japanese chef and has to be replaced regularly to answer its ultimate freshness and taste! You simply have to try this Tiger if you're here!

Crab gratin! Look at the 2 pieces in the far left, thats the original color and design! I even asked the waitress if it was painted. How silly can i get? HEHE! The crab meat is really fresh and the meat is surprisingly succulent even though the top layer is fried.

Lastly, desserts!!! Was so full, we could only manage to taste 2 more desserts!
Took a longggg while to choose! All of them were so pretty and delicious. The myraid of choices didn't help as I took a full ten minutes before I decided what I wanted!

Finally settled with Cream Anmitsu, a Japanese agar jelly with soft cream & Japanese Azuki red bean, served with brown sugar syrup! Sounds as good as the picture huh! HEHE! It tastes EVEN better than it looks and sounds! HEE! I know i'm mean! LOL!

Topped with fresh bananas, strawberries and kiwi fruit, and with a generous serving of Japanese agar jelly, every mouthful is packed with a flavoursome crunch, added with the sweet aroma of brown sugar syrup!

And the 2nd and last dessert, the lowest-priced food i ordered! Chocolate & Custard Cream Taiyaki at only $2! I took home 3 pieces for my family even! HAHA!

The Taiyaki is not just any Taiyaki-Chocolate Custard flavor is rarely available even in Japanese supermarkets like Isetan. Furthermore, the bittersweet chocolate mixed with fresh Japanese custard provides the perfect combination to sweeten your taste buds after a full meal!

. . .

While making payment at the cashier, i saw some food reviews on one of their walls! Seems like this hidden gem has been discovered by national papers too huh! (:

And a really lame picture with the Christmas Tree. I'm sure the staff spent quality time decorating! I'm just appreciating their works okay!!! =p

And i din't forget!!!!!! SNACKS! Just like my silent promise, i visited the snacks corner near the counter. HEE!~

You simply have to go check this place out!! If you are interested to give this gem a try, it's located at iluma's 4th level. The new shopping centre at Bugis!

I googled the restaurant and found their website! You could visit it if you are keen on clearer photos! HEHE!
Thanks Ebisboshi Shotengai for the great meal and awesome service!!!! (:

. . .

Wore this pretty satin dress the other day! Battery was FLAT and couldn't take more pictures! Such a pity!! ):

Credits crochet dress:
Bangles and black satin dress:
Email for advertising rates (:

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onesquare said...

thanks for sharing the restaurant babe! looks nice i will go try it out when im free! :D

Meli said...

dunno if it's the light but you look like you have a strand of bleached blond hair in some of the pictures! :D

dramamamamia said...

babe!! i went Ebisboshi Shotengai Experience today also, after my 2012 movie. i ordered the chasu ramen & Chocolate & Custard Cream Taiyaki..YUMMY!!! :) & the tap tap thing is prety cool..heeee..

Unknown said...

Looks like some very tasty food.
So to order do you circle the food you want with the pen?


You should, one square! (:


Harlow Meli, i think its light! LOL! Cause i dint bleach my hair, neither did i color such light blonde streaks! (:


Hey dear! Great that u visited it sooo fast!!! (:

I miss that custard and choco taiyaki already! the choco is so rich!


Hi Greg! There is a yellow sign on each food that indicates ORDER! So u just tap onto the ORDER box and the food will be all ready to be sent to the kitchen!

Meli said...

I thought so too :P
anyway, you're looking absolutely gorgeous in the HH crochet dress! <3
heez.. have a nice sunday and an awesome week ahead!

Unknown said...

nice satin dress:) awesome!
cheers, hv a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! Update often, I love to read your blog :) Anyway, I'm a regular reader. Take care!

HH said...

Hi Zoe! Do u have any recommendation of products for pimples? they keep popping out around my cheeks area...=((((

Anonymous said...

hi babe, may i know where did you get the black heels which you wore to the jap restaurant? And what brand/colour of eye liner you are using for your lower eye lid? tks


Thanks for reading! (: I upload once a day! Not enough?? *wink wink


Hey HH, read my ettusais posts! ):

They are all for pimples! Anyway here are the direct links.

Ettusais concealer:

Ettusais pimple sebum:

We have more products here:! Our skincare and even MAKEUP have ingredients that have anti pimples benefits! (:

Hope this helps dear!


Hey love, i was actually wearing a pair of beige heels! (:

Black heels, the one i wore for the event in a frenchmaid outfit or the one i wore to advert for millywalker's black dress! (:


Ahh, almost forgot! For lower eyelid, i just use brown eyeshadow! (: I haven been using eyeliner for lower for sometime, i feel its too harsh. Color is too dark!

Anonymous said...

oh its the one you wore to frenchmaid event. kind of love your black heels.. its pretty. tks for sharing with me. (:


OOhhh! My uncle got that pair for me from Jurong's IMM! Really old, think in 07!