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Blush Wax!

I finally had time to go for waxing! Exams were up my neck and i didn't have the time to get myself a waxing appointment!

I have a few friends who told me about Blush Wax and i decided to head down for a try! My third visit to a waxing parlour, my well deserved treat after months of toil! (:

The place was really cosy! A simple couch and there was nails service too! (:

Hung up proudly on the wall were the many certs of achievements! And of course, the bed i would be on for at least 30 minutes! It ought to be comfy and relaxing environment!!

. . .

The lady, Ling, was swift in her skills, and she uses smaller strips of hard wax to minimizes pain. Ling really knows how to minimize the pain, knowing exactly what to do. Having worked in Strip for 3 years, Ling has ventured into an own business for 2 years already! No wonder she's good huh! Good training as well as abundant experience!!!

Look at the following pictures;

Delighted Zoe leaving the parlour! HEHE! (:

And guess what i left Blush Wax with!

A bottle of after-wax lotion which is made of tea tree ingredients! Used it twice already, smells good and feels refreshing! And i got a scrub too! Blush carries quite a number of really good products! I'm gonna stay there for an hour after my next waxing appointment with them!

Headed to Marina Barrage next for sightseeing! The last time i went was for a shoot with Uncle Tuck, Ryan and gang.

Didn't have much time to look through the place!
So thought it would be fun to have a walk around! The air was really good, many groups of friends enjoying themselves at the huge grass field. I even saw picnic-ing ones!

If you see the background of this picture, the fountain is where i took the water shots! (:

. . .

Followed by dinner at Ikea!

It was my first time having those swedish meat balls. How foreign can i get huh! (: I like the sweet jam! HEHE! Next time, i will ask for extra jam!!!
. . .

And ahhh, yes! The waxing earlier made me really happy throughout the day! (:

Thanks Ling! (:
You gotta give Blush Wax a try!

Just make an appointment and have this printed, you are all good to have all the pubic hair wiped off! HEHE!

Orchard Plaza #02-26
And, you can read on the other services they offer here:

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is rather random but i always wonder who's been taking all the photos for you cause it seems like the photos are always just you. hehe..

Pearlyn said...

How much do you spend on manicure at pink parlor? I would wish to try out there. And where is is located at? Hope you can help me out :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

May I know where you bought your jacket?

fayne said...

LOL BABE ! i always do mine at Blush-Wax too !!

Oh anyway, just to double confirm, the items you want is the military jacket and the self manufactured dress in mint green aye ? :D

love always


Photos: Hey yo! I usually take them myself, my sister or my friends who are with me!! (:


Hey pearlyn, i was sponsored for the visit there (: The mani i did was about $85? (:


Jacket: Hey dear, it was from room18! (: But a really old one!!!!


Hey fayne babe! Blush wax is good eh! (:

Yupp correct pieces!!!

Anonymous said...

can i ask wad is a full hard wax brazillian???

Unknown said...

yea ! lynn's very gentle and keeps me entertained throughout. and i love the way she does it that doesn't inflicy any pain at all ! haha !!

anyway, ill mail the items out soon :D few more tests to go and im much more free (: