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The ultimate Christmas Present!

Remember these polaroids!!!! I found a blogshop that carries them! Made me super happy! I'm so gonna get one!!!! (:

They are fun to play with! What beats instant photos!

The picture on the left, called the Nico Digi, is an instock! No waiting time required!!! Look at the pretty pictures that can be taken out of this cutesy camera!

Pictures of these lil cameras are really clear and beautiful, there's a website that uploaded some of the works!

These cuties make such good gifts for 25th!
I want the pink one for Christmas!!!! What about you? (:

. . .

Went for brunch at Tiong Bahru before heading to the hospital on last friday. Grandma had the operation on Friday. Hospital always have delays. Grandma wheeled in at 12pm, but Op only started at 2pm? And ended at 3.30pm. We got to see Grandma at 4.30pm.

Grandma refused to go private. She complains its too expensive. We sent Grandpa to Mount Elizabeth when he had his lungs operation. We warded Grandma into Ward A so she could have undisturbed rest and the best attention from the staff. But after the Op, she has to be put into High Dependancy ward which comes only in beds of 6. Ward A charges applies in the Ward C wards. Haha! We had to bring Grandma's clothes back cause there's no wardrobe, we had to bring back the fruit baskets and flowers cause there isn't any space!

I better stop ranting.
Pictures on the way to the hospital.

Expected long hours at the hospital, so wore the long sleeves i got from Sheila! If you remember it, its this!

Dinner at a eatery at Arab street area, bugis. Yummy hot Bak Kut Teh! The weather was darn cold on Friday. It was practically raining the whole afternoon. Sigh.

Spent the whole day at the hospital, that explains my tired look, worn out face. Bear with it? HEHE! Thank youuuu! Hope you had a great weekend! (:

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Polaroid Cameras:
Email for advertising rates (:

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majella said...

hey babe, i happened to come across your blog from sheila's site. Anyway, if you're intending to buy a polaroid camera, i bought mine at another site for 89 bucks. but now it's 108 bucks for the design you want. But still cheaper than the one you're intending to buy from.

FilmSnap said...

Hi Majella,

Ours $119 inclusive of one box of film,battery, strap,manual and one year warranty

We have instock as well no need spree

Thanks Zoe for the advert

FilmSnap said...

Oh ya..$119 also inclusive of registered postage ya!!

Anonymous said...

Yup hospital do really delay at times too but however, can't blame it because perhaps the op before your grandma takes time too and therefore, after the previous op was done, the nurses in the OT have to clear up all the mess made by the previous op and to maintain the sterility in the OT room so that to minimise the spread of infections and microorganisms. By the way SGH high-dependency wards are mostly 6 bedded which is a B2 setting. However, most high dependecy nurses are well-trained and competent enough to nurse your grandma after op. They are really competent enough to be in the ICU in the hospital. But no worries, after your grandma gets better, she will definately be transfer back to an A class ward... =) Anyway, hopes your grandma recovers soon... =)


Anonymous said...

Hi. Your hair look smooth and silky. may i know what shampoo are you using and what hair care u do?
Thank you

HH said...

Hi Zoe! Thanks for the link. If i get the White Serum Dual Effect, do i have to get the White Shooter Dual Effect for it to work? I've been using the Medicated Acne Clear Spots Superior but aft the pimple become smaller then there will be these red spots there...=((
and i don't apply makeup so the pore smooth concealer doesnt suit me right? i'm so sorry for asking so many qns...i thank you for ur replies =))

ybbas said...

hi,was wondering where did u get tt chanel bangle?its gorgeous!!:)

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read the article. Thank author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.


Hello Majella! Thanks for the info (:


Hey Filmsnap! I might be getting one for Christmas!!! (: HEHE! Fell in love with the wonders of the camera!


Hi Nurse! Thanks for the input! (:


Shampoo: Hey yo, im using Tsubaki, Shiseido Shampoo! :)

And i go for regular hair treatments at Von's as well as regular hair treatments at home! HEHE!


Hi HH, you dont have to use both! (:

You dont have to need to use makeup to use the concealer! (:


Ybbas! I got the bracelet from Millywalker! I dont think they still have it!! ):


Aww! Thanks for reading! Feels good to be appreciated!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank Zoe for reply. Which of Tsubaki, Shiseido Shampoo you using as there are different type? Thank you. ^_^

HH said...

Thanks for your help regarding those skincare issues! =))
I enjoy reading your blog so do continue to update! See you!

Anonymous said...

hi Zoe, would like to ask if you've rebonded your hair before or is it naturally straight like that? thanks! :)


Shampoo: There's 2 types i think! Im using the red bottled one!!! (: Smells good!!


Thanks HH!! (:


Hair: Hey love, i have naturally straight hair. I sat at the stylist for 5 hours to have it curled permanently! but after 4 hours, it still becomes straight. Not a single wave. Ive got stubborn hair! Too fine to take in chemicals! ):