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It was Twilight earlier. Dint catch part 1 last year, probably gonna rent the video sometime soon. New Moon was rather confusing. The red hair vampire came, and disappeared. And i seriously hate no endings in movies. (Its probably meant to start Part 3, next year).

P/s: Taylor Lautner is cute!

Before Twilight, had lunch at Ichiban! And its some pictures from my new camera! Haven found a case and BIG ASS memory card for the new baby. Still relying on the camera memory, so just a few snaps and memory full.

Last picture taken outside! Thankfully i took some pictures before going out! Movie was cold, had to bring along a jacket! HAHA!

And i got these yummies from the hyper market! Been searching for them for months! Daddy loves them!

Use to have a few at relatives' during Chinese New Year, but they stopped production for quite sometime! Remember those purple circle tins? (:

P/s: Decided to use photobucket for the pictures now! Seems like blogger auto-resizes the pictures and when i enlarge them, they become blurred!

Credits silver jacket:
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Anonymous said...

Nice make up! Wad did u put on? Two-way cake? Blusher? Shade? R u using the new ettusais face powder?

Anonymous said...

hi may i know where did u get ur heels andur bag from? thanks


hey yo! Im only using ettusais' makeup base, eyeliner in brown and blusher in pink!


Heels are from Fareast, Bag's from Bugis!! (:

Anonymous said...

Hv u tried the new ettusais face powder? blusher which shade? PK1?

Anonymous said...

Hey Zoe!
May I know what lip gloss you using?


Lipgloss: Hey yo, those are my natural lip color! My mom says im heaty and i need to drink more water.

Anonymous said...

Tried the face powder from ettusais?


Sorry i missed your comment! (:

I have tried almost every product from Ettusais! And face powder (Zero Pore Pact, Loose powder) is one of them!

Im using PK1 for blusher as well (:

Anonymous said...

I mean the new limited edition face powder glitter.. Hv u tried?


Hey yo! I have actually (: Used the whole range for lolliepopbestie's shoot!