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Time Traveller's Wife and Dual Effect

Finally projects are over. So decided to catch a movie to wind-down!
Had KFC and Kobayashi before the movie (:

I really like the scrambled egg noodles with Cheese! Mouth wateringly delicious!

Had alot of time left before the movie started, so played Cooking Mama on itouch for awhile.

After the movie, headed to Kinokuniya. Cause i wanted to get the book of the movie we just watched! Super lame eh!

But i always think that books are in depth and if the movie is good, the book gotta be breathtakingly awesome. Been ages since i read, so i think i should get started again! I remember when i was a kid (Primary school?), i would always get books. I had loads of Sweet Valley University books! I read Harry Potter books too. And i would get so addicted, i could finish one of JK Rowling's books in a day!

Holding onto The Time Traveller's Wife book which can be found at the Literature section of Kino.

Phew! Finally completed the projects, had tons of mini pimples cause of the late nights and stress! Had Friday as a reward. HAHA!

But my skin is clearing up! I've started on a new moisturizer that keeps my skin hydrated so i won't have more blemishes!

So, Instead of:

The Aqua Shooter EXTRA refreshing (in pink border), i've switched to the
Dual Effect White Shooter!


Check out my nails! Super like! Same tone as Ettusais' logo!

All i need to do is to pump 3 pumps onto a cotton pad and apply onto my face.

And after my moisturizer, i will use this serum that helps clear off my pimples! Even past spots and pimples scars have lightened ever since i started this new regime.

Just a litttleeeee squeeze is enough to heal! Super dope!

I thought you might be interested to read up on the post on the 5 steps of facial care!


New addition to my toiletries section! (:

If you need more info on these 2 products, please click link below (:

Photobucket Ettusais

The official website.

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