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Start of with this terrible picture! Zonia snapped it before i was ready. HAHA!
I look bad, but the dress still looks awesomeeee!

Outfit 1:

I like the strap on the neck! It looks like im wearing a sash! (:

Outfit 2:

It's a cutesy romper!

The part i like best about this romper is the cute frills at the end of the shorts!
I want a shorts like that! Anyone knows where i can get such a pair? (:

And these 2 outfits are brought to you by:

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P/s: Made Prata sausage yesterday! I got Cheese Sausage, Prata and Lettuce from Carrefour over the weekend!

There were Onions Pratas and Plain Pratas!

The fillings! (:

And here's the end product! Was addicted to it when there was a food bazaar in uni! The price was $3.90 for 1 of such.

It's really cheap to make it at home, so if you have the time! Head to Carrefour or any supermart to get these ingredients, and you are good to go!!!

Before i end this post, Ettusais and Natural baby shampoo gift aways have closed! Will share on the lucky girls who won the Mascara and Shampoo! For those who didn't receive my email, i promise more goodies soon soon! (:

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