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Milly Walker and Twist Polka!

My new top! This sweet piece comes in baby pink and baby blueeee too! The top of this piece is slightly sheer, brings out the uniqueness of a simple top.

Twist Polka got a new ordering system besides the traditional "leaving a comment" in livejournal. Girls can can now add into your msn to place orders. I remember the countless number of times, i tried adding the emails of shopping blogsites so to get my hands on that LAST PIECE! But to no avail, i have to go to bed upset. HEHE!

Do remember to add Twist Polka in facebook as well @

P/s: Stay tuned for more pieces i'm gonna wear from TwistPolka!!!!
Meanwhile check in to their livejournal for the latest collection that has this light denim leggings which i got one myself!!!!


Another 2 outfits from Milly Walker!

Seems like they had tons of princessy looking mini dresses!

Remember this piece in my last post for them?

They are back with more! And here's just one of the many! (:

The bubble dress makes the dress puffy and sweet!!

This black dress is no ordinary dress! It has shoulder puffs sewn on. So if you are a victim of small shoulders, petite frame, slouchy shoulders, this piece is tailored for you!

How not to own this piece to flaunt those legs!

Thanks Milly Walker!
They brought in hair pins too! HEHE! The cute owner finally revealed her face in the latest collection! HEHE!

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