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Tomorrow is my first paper! Sales Strategy and Communication.
But i feel i have this need to share about cupcakes! HAHA!

Cupcakes is not a pet name of a boyfriend.
But Cheesecake in a cup!

And there's Cheesecups for you! (:

The condo intercom rang and i ran to the door, as the long awaited arrival for my snacks for mugging are just seconds away!

A little background behind this lovely cheesecups?

The masterminds behind Jara Petit Mini Cheesecakes are long time friends and buddies, Jia Hui and Xinyi (Who are also friends for more than a decade!) Since young, they have dreamt of starting a business venture together, coming up with numerous crazy, fun ideas. They have finally achieved their common dream with Jara Petit Mini Cheesecups!

Carefully unwrapping the box! Was really exciting, like a kid opening her pressies on Christmas!


Here was what i was greeted to (:

They dint offer me just a flavor for the convenience of baking. They gave me the whole variety for my salivating buds!

Make a guess on the first Cheescup and sprung to!!!!

Its this! Oreo Cheesecup!

Not just the toppings are Oreo, mind you! The fillings are, the bottom crust is too!
Freaking hell!!!!

And this was how happy i was after finishing one.
And i totally forgot i was supposed to be on a diet.


And! When Sister and parents got home, i shared it with them too!

Daddy loves the Durian ones! Taste is rich, if you love Durian. You cant miss this one.
Mommy couldnt help but finish the blueberry one! The woman who doesn't love cheesecakes, couldnt help herself and dig in too! HAHA!
Zonia took the Green colored cheesecup which is infused with the traditional Green Tea (:

If you're studying, you need some snacks to work those minds.
If you are having a party soon, you definitely need to let JaraPetit join it the fun! (:

JaraPetit Cheesecups in here!

JaraPetit Cheesecups in here!

JaraPetit Cheesecups in here!

P/s: Im gonna go grab another one from the fridge while i mug late into the night! The cheesecups can be kept fresh in the fridge for 1 week!

Can i have 1 cheesecup every day???

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