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Accessories is not my email. I only have 2 emails which is AND

I have received emails of girls asking me about casting times and such for events, i do not send out emails on jobs. I only send out via smses/ posting on my blog/ MM. Please check clearly before committing to's jobs. Its not me! Annonying people, not the first or even second time i'm posting such bewares.

You can follow me here dears! (:

And before i go back to mugging, i have uploaded a few pieces of accessories for grab!

Where can you find them?
Its on the left sidebar, under the "Preloves" navigator!

Miss working. Some pictures of past events i found in the laptop (:

Alice in Wonderland at Tangs
Click in for more pictures!


National Bikers Week


Bike Asia

Hot Stuff

Many asked me to put up archives! But, i dont feel the need to! So ive created a few links above (event names), of the past events for your viewing!!! (:

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