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3 different styles

Just finished one paper, Sales Strategy and Communication. 1 down, 4 more papers to go! I need all the luck in the world! Do you believe in luck?

Anyway. This post will be a simple post with nothing but Bulleted Listpictures! (Have to go back to mugging sooniest! Its my 2nd paper on Thursday!) Foremost, i would like to thank Pearlavish for the wonderful apparels.

I got 3 different outfits, which explains the title for this post! 3 Different styles (:

1. The girly

Random picture of me drinking juice before heading out.

My favorite pair of heels! It goes well with almost any outfit that i have!

This first outfit is nothing but floral prints. A demure piece and so even if you pair it with a casual shorts, it is still demure. Who says demure tops must be with a demure skirt?

It looks perfectly well with a pair of jeans too!
See this!!!!


2. Sizzles

I really like this tube top. Its not your ordinary cotton, or lycra. Its like Leather!
Super solid huh!!!!

Afraid that it will look trashy with a pair of shorts (revealing too much for you liking??)
Throw on a jacket or a pair of jeans!

Too plain? Throw on a cap!


3. My date

And you see me wearing my same pair of white heels, again!
I reckon its cause its the top most pair in my shoe wardrobe so its accessibility makes it the most frequent worn pair! Oh well!

Its time to rearrange the shoes huh.

Back to the outfit! Going for a dinner date or a family dinner at a nice restaurant? Keep the sexy skirts and shorts at home! You can never go wrong with a little black dress!

Here's the last outfit, my lil black dress number.

Credits: Floral top, leather tube top and black dress

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Anonymous said...

Where did u brought ur heels at? and how much?


Hello! I got it from Charles and Keith almost a year ago! (:

Anonymous said...

hey! where did u get the bag from? thanks!