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Grandma's birthday and Intoxiquette.

Provided girls for Singtel F1 alongside other modeling agencies. These are the few girls who are working for Singtel for over 5 times already! From dinners to events!

These are their F1 passes, and realised that my name was there, Zoe R, after Chester tagged me on fb! HAHA!

Dint even realise i was so close to parking into a wall. HAHA!

Random pictures before going down for a swim!
After Sunday's swim, headed to Bt Timah for a family dinner, aim was to celebrate Grandma's birthday.

Its been ages since the Tan Family had Popiah! I remember we used to have it every chinese new year, that we all got kinda sick of it. Grandma has changed Popiah to other dishes during CNY ever since!

It's time it came back! Popiah takes much lesser time to prepare huh? Better for Grandma even though we have two maids over there! Ah ma still has to supervise the cooking!

Gugu Julie teaching cousin how to do it the right way! Haha! She's a lecturer at RP yo!
Bringing her lecturing skills to Popiah!


The cousins enjoying their Popiahs. Somehow it tastes better when you prep your own! Choosing which fillings to put into the popiah skin. Choosing which to have more or less.

A perfect popiah shouldnt spit fillings whilst you bite! HAHA!


its DIY too

Yummlicious, i tell you! Xiao Shen prep these goodies!
We topped vanilla ice cream into the Mango Pomelo base even!

Everyone wants to have a go at their own dessert making (:

How can i not share what i wore to Grandma's birthday!

A blue floral dress that received so many compliments!

I lovee the empire cut of the dress!

The dress gives me this warm, cottage feel. I love these kinda prints.
Though it reminds me of sofa sheets at a friends house! I really want these prints in my house in future!

Still loving the polka dots ruffled piece from them (:
I got this piece from Intoxiquette.


Shout promo code of 'ZOE' in the order form, you will be entitled to free normal postage AND $1 off!

P/s: Grandpa still unable to take solid food! We had to tell him that actually, the food doesn't taste good.

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