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Zoe's sunday Scoops (9)

After a long day in school on a SATURDAY, I really had to reward myself.

Guess what?

Yeh the cone is a major give-away.....Ice cream!
Not just any ice cream, but this is some really special stuff!

The Ice Cream Gallery, located at Valley Point! It's along River Valley road.
Next to Starbucks, you definitely can't miss it.

Valley Point as a whole, has zero entertainment value, so the whole point
of visiting this totally deserted place is really to have a taste of
this wonderful ice cream!

Check out how packed this place is!

What's so unique about the ice cream is that it doesn't have the
overly rich creamy taste that you might find in super premium ice cream.
And what I really love are the special flavours like Gula Melaka, Teh Tarik, Maple Syrup,
and of course, my favorite RUM AND RAISIN!

Unfortunately, I didnt' get a taste of the RUM and RAISIN which I had the last time.
But 2 flavors I chose sure didn't disappoint!
Be sure to eat the waffle with your ice cream. The waffle is amazingly crisp, and warm to the touch. What's even better is that the temperature is perfect, such that the ice cream doesn't melt the moment it comes into contact with the waffle's surface. These guys really know what is perfection! (:

Love the maple syrup! (:

Check out for more details!!

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