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(Taken at the office!)

Remember the Post which i mentioned about ettusais products?

Took this picture with Sher and Sarah when we went to the office to collect our products!
When Sher presented the products to us, it was not in the usual ettusais pretty bag, but in a box. With pink labels! I was really excited, behaving like a kid receiving a wrapped present!

Tadah! The box that Sher prepared for us! Almost instantly, i told her that it must be hard work getting the materials; just for the 10 ambassadors. She's such a sweet. I bet she was an art student! HAHA! She was really creative and you will have to agree with me when i show you what's in this lil' carton!

So far, we have had facial wash, UV base lotions, body foam and spray, eyeshadows!!!!
C'mon!!! Guess which product it is this time!!!!!

If you have been to our Ettusais booths at Bhg, isetan or Metro, you would have been greeted with this pretty scene!

And yes, the title of the post today is:
What's your perfect look for today?

Don't you agree that there ought to be a different look for each occasion? I remember Ali telling me that he has 4 different perfumes. 1 for school, another for clubbing and the other 2 for other occasions. It's the same for makeup! (:

I don't go to school with the makeup i would use for castings/events.

I can't bring myself to attend school in such a heavy eye-makeup which i would have on, for a photoshoot!

And so, there should be different looks for different occasions! (:

When i say Eye Make, what comes to mind?
For me, its Eye Shadows and Mascaras. Having gone through eye shadows with the readers already, its time to unleash the mascaras!!!!

There are 2 kinds of mascaras in my makeup pouch. 1 is for a natural look which is made for schools! The other is for glam or dolly look for that clubbing night out!

Ettusais has just launched these 2 kinds of new mascaras!

1. Separate Mascara (Perfect)
This is for natural looking fluttery lashes

This mascara has a in-built comb that i like the most!!! I have had loads of times when i got really annoyed when my mascara makes my lashes clumby and thus, unnatural!

And i even have to use my nails to separate them! Poof! With this comb, it combs through every lash evenly, and separates the lashes really well. No more crumbly lashes. No more stained nails! YAY!

2. Perfect Multi Mascara
This is the perfect mascara for the dolly you!

This is the one! The one for my castings and photo shoots! It lengthens and volumnizes even the shortest eyelashes!

This mascara also has a coil that allows you to reach all the way to the base of the eyelash and even though the coil is small, it still picks up a lot of mascaras! And who says thick mascara means crumbly! This mascara has the comb applicator as well. Lengthens as well as volumnizes, it even spreads lashes well so it looks naturally dolly too!

Here's the result from using the Separate Mascara (Perfect)! Evenly spread lashes huh! (:

This is one of the goodies in the carton that Sher prepared! (:
Its a mirror with a lil duckie!!!! And the duckie is actually a magnet and can be sticked anywhere on the mirror stand!!!! (:


Below is the webbie which you would want to go in to see more of our ettusais products! (:

Photobucket Ettusais

The official website.

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