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Business Finance and Ramen!

Random pictures from Lecture. My whole series of colored pens mobilized for Business Finance.
I really dislike numbers.

Anyone learnt this before too?

These pictures were taken as i have a short concentration lifespan. I get distracted easily and this explains the above pictures of my clique in uni.


Hitch a ride on Charles' Evo. I practically flew backwards, slide from side to side in the back seat the last ride in their car. I had my seat belt on this time!

Thanks Van love for offering the ride to Town! Yay! (:

Had Ramen at Takashimaya's new Japanese restaurant.
If you are really into salty sauced ramen, you gotta visit Sapporo Ramen Miharu @ Gallery Hotel!

Did a post sometime back! Click here if you are a Ramen fan like me!

That's my huge bowl of Ramen, priced at a reasonable $14.80.
My partner's bowl of Black Pig sauced Ramen is $15.80 (:

Miharu taste really better, but if you are in for convenience, it will be Taka's outlet.

In my lift back to my apartment! The lift is still dirty as many tenants are still moving into the condo.

Cc: Miss Queenie for yellow tee!

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