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Car rides are sometimes boring. And i will take out my cellphone and snap away! Orangey picture taken in the tunnel!

Away from my face, look whats in my bag!!!

Pola Snacks eh! Childhood biscuits aside from the biscuits with the colorful sugar on top!
I finished 10 such packets in 2 days. Terrible snacker.

Zoe can just have these snacks and not have her meals.

I re-did my nails! Love the blings! Girls, you gotta try it out!
If you missed the recent sunday scoops on HOW TO DIY ON NAILS, here's the Post!!

Picture with the neighbour's kiddo when she came over to play! She's really smart. When you pass her the magnet, she will walk to the kitchen's fridge. When you pass her a toy, she will walk into the room to find more of my toys!

I spent hours on the internet finding boys' blogshops! They are really so scarce!
So, here's a second MALE BLOGSHOP to be featured on this space! (:

I get excited seeing these guys clothes, silently picking a few to purchase for that special one!
"My wardrobe's bursting and his is half filled."

If this sight is familiar to you too, let's be nice and give him a nice gift for always holding your bag while you shop, paying for that pretty dress that caught your eye at Orchard, accomodating your wish to have Japanese food for dinner!

for that him

Here are a few designs that caught my eye when i visited this website!!

I remember going ooohhh, ooohhh when i saw this picture!
First ooohh was who is that gorgeous model on the left!
Second was "Like wth! It's no longer those boring couple tshirts!"

Don't you agree couple tees these days are overrated and really common! It's really either LO-VE or an exactly same tee with same prints, just of a different size! Pooff! Someone gotta start designing couple tees that screams "Fashion!" soon!


And here's
for that him

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