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Zoe's Sunday Scoops (10)

So we have covered beauty, food, study places the last few months...
For the final installment (sob due to exams) I'm gonna share with you guys something tech-y!

Yes tech-y!

Remembered the time when you could finish your bath, brushed your teeth and realised your computer is still booting?

That happened to me like all the time. And I needed a solution, fast.

There are actually 2 very simple ways on how to increase your computer efficiency. I'll fill you in on both! (:

Step 1

Delete unwanted files!

Unwanted files clog up your computer hard disk space, kinda like an overfilled wardrobe (like mine!) It's really easy to clear away your unwanted files in just 2 mins! Firstly, go to START menu, and under Accessories folder there should be another folder named SYSTEM TOOLS. Look for disk clean up function! This will be your ticket to sweeping away all the unwanted files that you have accumulated through the months (or years!)

Step 2

Defragment your computer files!

Next up is to defragment the files inside your computer, meaning to compress the space that each file takes in your hard disk is minimized, thus freeing up much needed space within your computer!

This function is also found under SYSTEM TOOLS, so you can execute this one after another, Disk Cleanup then Disk Defragmenter. The latter takes about an hour or maybe more, depending on your computer speed so beware! HEHE

A Happy Zoe after solving her computer inefficiency problems! (:

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kacie said...

great help!