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Trip to town with Ali

Remember the trip to town with my classmate, Ali the other time? I managed to get more pictures from his laptop!

Made him zip the files and mail it to me!
We had fun with his webcam during BB (Buyer behaviour) lesson. The one on the left is Gerald, middle is non other than Ali. And yours truly, Zoe! (:

This picture had to show you that the guys love the camera now than me. They couldnt stop clicking and these are just 3 of the tens that ive uploaded.

After BB, headed to town with Ali. We bused to Dover mrt and caught bus 105 to town. As it was a long way to town, we decided that the webcam should be deployed to entertain us!

The hunk and babe kiddo!

And a couple of pictures of myself. (:


My hair is lightening! YAY! (:
I've received a couple of emails asking for Von.

You might be interested on how last visit to his salon went, here's the link!
Click here for Von!

I have also taken pictures of the really comfy salon and some procedure we went through.

Entitled to 10% off any hair services if you mention that you're a reader of mine!
Von @ 92995052, by Appointment ONLY. Location: 34A Lor Manbong, Holland V (M.A.D Salon)

Girls, you can just drop him a text to check out the rates for his services! Von is really nice and won't bite! As many as 20 readers have been a regular with Von. My classmates are also making appointments with him even more regularly than me!

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