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Milly Walker

On a lazy Sunday morning, i had a huge glass of carrot and tomato juice to start off my day!

Thirst quenching! Good for complexion! (:
Its so much better than ordering a cup from the food court.

Went for my bath.
Changed into my new dress from Milly Walker!

Here's one of the pieces that i received in the mail!

Realized it looks good as a top too!

And i pulled back my hair!

Couldn't decide what to wear. So i pulled on the other piece from Milly Walker too!

Sweet diamonte dress!

I had to take more pictures with this dress!

Check out the diamonte on the bust area of the dress.

Taken in my Pinky room!

I took Ballet when i was young!



Decided on the first piece as the 2nd piece looked to glam for a dayout to mug! (:
Ponder: When can i wear that dress out!!!! Cant wait.

Playing with my shades! (:

Thanks Milly Walker!

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