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My Pink Empire

This really sweet blogshop, My Pink Empire sent me this piece with a really lovely card!
The moment i tore the parcel, i fell in love with the dress!

The belt is sewn on! Which means i don't have to use another of my waist belt which i have used countless of times! Haven had the time to shop for more lah!

The length of the dress is just nice for my frame and it fits really well.
The material is of good, lycra quality. Feels really good in this piece! (:

A closeup of the waist belt! Look at the details of it, there's a gold zip on it! HEHE!

A few more pictures of me in the dress! (:
The straps are not too long and so it falls nicely. There are some dresses that are not well manufactured and the front will flip open! This piece stays tightly on your bust!

And i wore it to school and Bugis after lecture on Saturday!

NYDC for dinner. Been ages since i had NYDC! The last time was my birthday last year with Tiffanys and Colin!

If im not wrong, we just graduated from our diplomas!
Thats like 1/5 years back!!!

Meat balls are not my thing!

Mushroom and Ham are my favorites! (:
Im a sucker for mushrooms. Especially teppanyaki ones!

Headed home for yogurt!
Loads of Aloe Vera and Nata De coco in the tub!

Why should you start consuming yogurts!
1) They are made of dairy products; are high in calcium and beneficial to bone and teeth health.

2) Healthy levels of calcium can encourage your body to maintain and lose weight!

3) Yogurt is also a good source of protein, good for curbing your appetite and helping you feel full for a longer period of time!!!

Really good lah!
Taste yummy, and help you maintain/lose weight! So much better than snacking/ice cream right!

Start making a small intake of yogurt a habit! (:

Thank you My Pink Empire for sponsoring this lovely dress (:
They are really efficient so don't have to worry about your purchase being delayed!!!

Click in for more goodies!!!

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