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Meeting with Fat Pocket.

The other day, i brought some biscuits to project with the girls. Every single one of them was excited upon seeing the zip-lock of biscuits!

The biscuits! Childhood love eh?
I remember myself, trying to find pieces of the sugar in the packets, without the plain biscuits.

We noticed we had similar color toe nails. Mine is the one far right, which you probably think its black. Its actually dark glossy blue.


I had a meeting with a prospect on Friday. And had to dress up for it. It's been awhile since i don on quite a bit of makeup.

I had to put my contact lens, that's 1.
I have perfect eyesight, which annoys Rach when i say it.

And so, i do not use contact lens unless i have shoots/events. I can't get used to the uncomfortableness of a material like plastic in the eyes. It gets drying and i have to blink non-stop to smoothen the lens.

1. Ettusais Mascara
2. Brown eyeshadow


I had to take pictures lah!

And i only realised i had my hand on my face for so many pictures after uploading them onto the laptop!

My pulled out my new pair of earings for a few pictures!
I can't get enough of those bling stuff. Thanks B.

And that was my outfit for a Friday, paired with a pair of C&K heels which i got months back.

And yes, pictures on my bloggie are all taken by my faithful C905, with has this 8.1 Megapixel camera. She gives me so good pictures, i don't have to bring my camera out. I don't like the load of too many devices in my bag.

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