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Cupcakes & HH loots!

Inside the small lil box, are one of these cupcakes! (:

I love the the pink blue and pink purple ones!
Too pretty to be eaten!

More pictures of myself! I itch on my neck and chest when the weather is hot! That explains those red spots!

It gets worst when i play netball. My thighs will be so itchy that sometimes i scratch till they bleed! Blood circulation eh?

Met Sheila at Mabel's to get my loots from HH! More than 10 pieces from the past 4 collections?
Im an official HH fan!

HEHE! Seems like i will be wearing my new clothes for the whole of next week!
(In fact, ive worn one piece out to vivo the very next day!)

Really fabulous pieces! I couldnt wait till im home before i open those plastic bags!
(Opened them all at subway when i was having my dinner! Love the terayaki chicken, with heavy onions, cucumbers and lettuce! Super delicious!)


Some pictures taken on Public Holiday on Monday! (:

Was the family chauffeur for the whole day!

Aunts and uncles, and my cousins came to my place and we all headed out for lunch! Silly me thought that there was a Cafe Cartel at Vivo, so we drove there.

Only to realize that there isnt 1. So we settled for Food Court as the kids were famished.
We went to Daiso and i got those caramel corn snacks in Milk flavor! Reckon its too sweet, but really fragrant. Spent a longgg time there and the longest time at Giant Hypermart. Its been over a year plus since Giant Stars 2008!

Miss them!

Had dinner with family at Redhill, just 5 mins walk from my place.
Dumped the car at home and walked.

Ordered alot of side dishes!

Zonia and i have our own umbrellas while our parents sharing an umbrella! HEHE! Super sweet eh.

P/s: Sheila was having her nails done, so didnt have time to catch up much too! Boohoo!
Sheila, gotta meet up soon! Hang on at internship okay! (:

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