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Ettusais (2)

Remember the animation movie UP? The story of a grumpy old man Carl Fredricksen and a eager Wilderness Explorer Russell who flew to South America in a floating house suspended from helium balloons, the former wanting to fulfill his wife's wish of moving to Paradise Falls, a dream both of them held on till she died of old age... hang on a second, this isn't a movie review! (: HEHE!

If you recalled the part where his wife, the only woman he ever loved since young passed on, leaving him alone, I'm sure you also recalled the moment when your tears started to stream me!!!

Well I still remember the day when this happened, because the first thing that popped up in my mind was "my make up is going to be date's gonna flee the cinema the moment the lights turn on"

My heart was basically pounding for the rest of the movie, dreading the very moment when the credits roll, the lights go off, and the person next to me looks at me and asks "How was the movie?"

When it finally arrived, it wasn't as bad as I expected. In fact, it was an absolute surprise. No sign of my date getting ready to scoot off. So the first thing I did was to rush to the washroom, and check whether my mascara was smudged by my tears.

I looked like I didn't even shed a single tear throughout the movie.

The mascara, quite simply, looked freshly applied.


I almost forgot that I had applied Ettusais separate mascara that day! What's so unique about this piece of treasure? Absolutely smudge proof, perfect for the humid climate of Sunny Singapore! No fear of your mascara being smudged by perspiration, water and sebum! No more baby panda! (:

Look 1: As it was a movie date, i had light purple eyeshadow and silver shimmer on and went for the clean, naturally beautiful lashes!

After the movie, it was a dinner date! At a really nice restaurant at the Peak.

Look 2: Dinner date! So i did a small change in the eyeshadow and as i wanted to have dolly thick eyelashes, i summoned my Ettusais Perfect Multi Mascara! I added a tinge of black on my eyelids as well as lower lash line.

Check out the lashes!!!


Remember the Post which i mentioned about ettusais products? Not just for me, but for a loyal reader as well! (:

Here's it! This is the post which includes a giveaway!

All you need to do is leave me a tag with your email on which is your favorite look (1 or 2) and why! The best tag receives an Ettusais Perfect Multi Mascara in your mailbox!

Closing date: 5th October!
Winner notified by email.

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