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Vogue Lab

Gatsby uploaded their latestevents and prints on their website! You can actually go in to see the past events that the other girls and i have done. We had a dance competition at Zouk early this year (:

There are also dance videos from the Styling Dance contest last year! If you loveee dancing, you have to go see how Japan won the contest! Awesome dance choreo! (:

Navigate in! Sign up for the Gatsby Club and when they have new products, it will be sent to your mailbox!

Plenty of other things you can do on their website! (:


I wore Zonia's jacket over my toga dress to school today.
I always bring a shawl to lecture as classes are really cold! My nails actually turn purple cause of the freezing cold LT.

Headed to Ettusais after class to collect my products! I'm always so excited when Sher emails to ask us to go down for the goodies! HEEHEE!

Girls huh? How can they get enough of makeup and skin care products?

While waiting for Sher to come out, i snap some pictures!

Spent about 30 minutes there as Sher had to brief me on the new products as well as settling the products which i got myself! (:


Headed for dinner at Sudoku at Hereen.

I had mushrooms for dinner. And one mouth of rice.
I loveee mushrooms. Rach, don't your mouth water seeing that huge plate of mushrooms?
Im mean.

Happy Zoe with her plate of mushrooms! HEHE!


And yes! The toga dress!
I have got to thank Voguelab for the sexy piece.

Here's the close up of the top, its mesh!

This asos inspired piece accentuates curves! Definitely the piece for a clubbing night!

Get your piece now at! (:

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