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Happy Birthday Daddy!

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The official website.


on 23rd Sept 2009

It's Daddy's birthday on the of 23rd Sept! (:
I wore a sweet dress to school as we had a family dinner after lecture.

Cabbed with Zonia to Bt timah. Went over to Grandma's for lunch.

Currently watching this korean variety show on my itouch. The lead actor is the honey blond hair in the korean F4 show. I didn't watch that show, but this is really funny.

Think its called WGM?
Anyone else caught it!

In Grandma's lift. haahaa!

A picture with Daddy before heading to school (:
We went to Grand cop for dinner!

I lovee fresh oysters! HEHE!
Had 3 pieces.

Daddy enjoying his food! (:
If you notice, daddy has a cap on. Cause he had a brain operation and there's a small part of his head that does not have skull bone. So he puts on a cap, until we go back to the surgeon to put back a piece. Here was the Post which i blogged months back on Daddy's operation.

We are regulars there, so the manager gave us a yummy cheesecake to take home! (:
He had wanted to visit my Daddy when he heard that he had a brain operation. Really nice man. If you dine there next time, look out for this indian man called Guna. He gives the best service ever! (:


I wore this piece to school the other day!

Credits: Pink&Grey dress and black top

They have just updated with a new collection! Check them out!!!

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