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I had my 2nd visit to Pink Parlour on Saturday. All prep for swimming on Sunday! (:

A random picture of the freebies from SoyJoy!


I got two new bikinis!
All ready for my first swim at my condo pool.

The red one looks super awesome!

But i decided to keep that for Sentosa next week!
Settled for the blue one instead.

Zonia and i went down for a swim. Wanted to have some sun, but it went down less than 10 minutes after we reached the pool! Boo!

There were a couple of kids having fun. Koreans, Japanese and Eurasians.
The Eurasians girls in my condo are hot! Tall slim and tanned. Make me a lil shy on stripping to my bikini. Took a few pictures before i hit the waters!

Was holding onto my goggles while having my pictures taken. Zonia was commenting that it looks ridiculous to swim in a bikini with a pair of goggles. But heck, i cant open my eyes in water!

Cant wait for Sentosa next week! (:


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