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Got this in the mail! Woohoo! Another guy blogshop featured on this space!


DETROYT this time.

They have a wide range of men apparels. From smart casual to cutesy to t-shirts that can fulfill the "Rocker" in you!

My absolute fav gotta be the Kellocks t-shirt (2nd row, last picture)
Its so cuteeee!

I remember buying Frosties when i was young. Until now, i still buy the lil box from NTUC!

Visit DETROYT, you can actually make purchases from school wear to dates and just a night out chilling with the guys!

And i think it will be super sweet to get a piece for your boy! Make him wear your favorite childhood snack, Kellocks! (:


I redid my nails again! (: Its really simple to diy at home!
Click on the left navigation on beauty tutorial to see the nails post!

I really love the outfit of last week's U weekly issue! The makeup artist from Jean Yip is really good! And talking about magazines. My pals are on the cover of Seventeen magazine! (:

Picture grabbed from En.

Super doper proud of the two of them! They are the winners of this round's Clean and Clear contest! Go to the paper stand to get a copy! Gotta give them credit for braving thru the 12 hours photoshoot to give us the wonderful spread on Seventeen! (:


Had dinner at the Food Republic, Wisma Atria the other day. Was walking round the whole food junction to look for something to eat. Settled on ordering something from the herbal store.

Couldnt decide on which soup to order, was deciding between the old cucumber soup or salted vege soup. But! Decided on the chicken mushroom rice when the man infront of me ordered. It looked really good. Smelt even better.

Had a sudden craving for Rojak! I hate peanuts tho, they cause heatiness! I always get pops on my forehead when i take peanuts.

Nevertheless, here's a picture of me enjoying a piece of "You Tiao" of the Rojak.

Headed home and went to the fridge. I snacking! I love salty, not sweet.
So the only sweet stuff in the fridge are sugar free jam and chocolates i got Dad and yogurts!

Really affordable and they come in small cups which are really good. It's a one serving. I don't like buying huge tubs of yogurts and keep them for a week. Once the seal if off, the yogurt is not as fresh anymore.

These yogurts are really good.

Me, enjoying the huge pieces of strawberries in the mini cup (:

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