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Poor bear

Check out this cute bear that Emi got me to watch the other day over the MSN.

Business Finance test at 3pm later today, and im surfing. I really suck at numbers. The last time i took BF was in my Diploma, i remember a really fun lecturer that made BF really interesting. I had a B+ for that paper at my final year which surprised me! Finance, it's either you know how to do, or not at all. Practice, practice, practice.

Really have to thank Kerlyn and Darren for helping me with finance! Only Kerlyn and i are using Texas instruments BA II, so only she can help me with the calculator! Sleeping at 12am last night really making me feel guilty. Even more when i woke up at 9am this morning!

Anyone of you are taking/taken Finance! Are there any tips to share besides being diligent and revise? (:

Off to the korean drama on cable finance practice questions.

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