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Zoe Sunday Scoops (7)

So i went back to my favorite study spot yesterday at Starbucks Fusionopolis to mug my dreaded Finance paper next week.

As always, I did my routine of finding a cosy spot, set down my laptop, and sauntered to the counter to order a drink.

I didn't feel like having my usual Mocha Frappucino, and feeling adventurous, I decided to try something else.

It was then I realised that I had absolutely no clue what to order.

I knew nuts about coffee.

I mean coffee is coffee, so my first thought was "What's with the many choices??"

But I had to satisfy the inner curiosity in me, and decided to swallow my pride and seek help from B, the coffee fanatic, who promptly decided to give me a half and hour lecture on the various types of coffee available.

So I'm gonna share it with you readers for this week's Sunday Scoops, so you won't look as foolish as I did when I had no clue what to order! (:

Let's go one by one for all the common types shall we! I'm gonna explain in layman Zoe terms! (:


Argubly Italy's most famous drink, and possibly the coffee drink that most folk know, the cappuccino is essentially, as the purists call it, "A shot of espresso with the remainder
being 50% steamed milk and 50% milk foam/froth."


The Latte is pretty similar to Cappuccino actually, it being Espresso with steamed milk and usually, a small cap of foam. So the difference is actually the amount of foam and milk. In my humble opinion, the Cappuccino would probably be a healthier choice since the milk content is lower.


Flat white's essentially Latte without the foam on top. However, a flat white differs from a latte in that it is usually served in a small ceramic cup, whereas a traditional latte is served in a glass with the steamed milk poured over the espresso shot.

In Yakun terms, the Americano is really Kopi O' with no sugar. I'm sure B will totally disagree, but that's pretty much how I see it.


And finally, Espresso, which simply a shot of bitter blast that will thoroughly jolt you awake. Mind you, this small bit of liquid packs a real punch, and can taste quite nasty if you ain't used to concentrated coffee. It's kinda like a tequilla shot in a way.


If you have successfully made it to this sentence, you've passed the Zoe coffee test and you're ready to act all ATAS when you visit Starbucks the next time! Hee!

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