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Jusaki (3)

Credit: DK

Went for the 12pm Global Marketing lecture today. Class was funny as usual.
These MARS mini ice cream eh! Have you tried it? At class today, lecturer showed a slide on this product and shared that he bought 2 boxes home. But didnt get to eat it cause his son invited pals over and finished them all! He said; "They ate the mars ice cream like KEROPOK".

Really funny!!

Saturday classes are definite bore. Thank godness its his lesson not SS. I'm sure to procrastinate.

Another round of Sunday scoops tomorrow! Stay tune! (:

Im off to my Business Finance. Still stuck on chapter 3's Valuation! I cant believe i spent 2 days on chapter 2. Tough chapter man! Time Value of money! Any readers are/took BF and are familiar with Texas instrument's BA II Plus! I need help in punching numbers to get DEFFERED ANNUITY, PERPEPTUITIES AND GROWING PERPETUITIES!

Freaking hell! Can't wait for September 2nd to be over. I need all the luck in the world! Zoe has a 30% paper to clear!


Another 2 more pictures from Jusaki's shoot!!

I'm loving it! (:

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