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Ettusais August (1)

*Edited: Makeup workshop just for you and your buddy(s) at the bottom!

MY 3rd bar from Ettusais already.

The 1st one was a trial. It was so small, i finished after a while.
The 2nd was the actual size. That began my addiction.
I'm now currently on the 3rd piece! (:

So I used to just wash my face with my really cheap facial cleanser before I went to bed. But now, i learnt so much from Ettusais workshops. It was really then when I realised i needed to start taking care of my face while i'm still young!
This is what I learnt!

5 Basic Steps to smooth radiant skin!

Step 1: Medicated Acne Gentle Make Off
Step 2: Medicated Acne Gentle Wash
Step 3: Medicated Acne Version Up EXTRA
Step 4: Medicated Acne Aqua Shooter EXTRA (Oil Control/Moisture Up)
Step 5: Medicated Acne Night Time Defense Powder

Click for Ettusais Facial Care review!



Step 1 and Step 5 are the new steps which i started to use 2 weeks back. Will be sharing it in this post!

Medicated Acne Gentle Make Off and Medicated Acne Night Time Defense Powder!

The deep cleansing oil of this makeup remover gently glides on skin, dissolves and melts makeup without applying much effort! Yes it's that easy! It blends with water and makeup, resulting in less friction applied on skin, hence making makeup removal a breeze!

I have really sensitive skin, so i can't use oil-based makeup remover around my eye area. But this is the first product that doesn't give me any of these problems at all!

The other product would be the Night Time Defense Powder that contains sulphur to prevent pimples.

Okay, now you must be thinking: "WHAT! Apply a layer of powder to bed?", "I don't need to look good at night.." or even "I don't want to clog my pores..."

You're wrong. Let me tell you why!




The award-winning medicated skincare powder goes to work while you rest.

The ultra fine powder particles lock moisture in your skin while smoothening
out rough skin! Impressive eh!

I have noticed that every morning when i get up from bed, i will have really oily skin on my t-zone area. Sometimes, there might even be small pimples if i sleep a bit later than usual the night before. After using this product, I don't encounter this problem any longer. My skin will be neither oily OR too dry when i get up. A perfect balance for me!

Ettusais range of products are clinically proven designed to prevent acne and move young ladies towards clear, fresh skin!

You can see from the number of products from Ettusais i have till date!

And these are just SOME of the many Ettusais products on my table! (:

Say hello to clear, fresh skin! (:

You might be interested to read up on my previous Ettusais Facial Care! review!

and before i sign off,


Ettusais has a beauty buddies program! You can organise a personal hands-on session to learn more about beauty/skincare/makeup tips! Just gather 1 or 2 more of your friends (Max. 3 per group) and make an appointment with our ettusais consultant by just purchasing a $20 Ettusais voucher. The best part of all is that this $20 spent is fully redeemable on Ettusais products!! (:

Available at Ettusais counters @ Isetan Orchard, Isetan Scotts, Metro Paragon and BHG Bugis!

(Beauty buddies is always available, but the goody (2 masks ) are only avail in the month of Aug!)




Make a trip to your nearest Ettusais today! YAY! (:

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