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Just June, a girl emailed me with response to the hair show positions i posted on my blog. I opened the email, and recognised the girl instantly.

I remembered she stayed at the same block when i was still living at Bedok Reservoir. And my sister and i used to play with her sister and her. We went to her house a couple of times. She too, was a friend of my sister at St Anthonys' Canossian.

I replied her briefly and told her that i will get back to her once i get a confirmation. And even texted her once after the email on another job opportune.

This morning, i woke up to my handphone sms from Zonia. Stating, "Jie, my secondary school friend committed suicide". It didnt come to mind that it was her. In fact i thought with fear that it could be one of Zonia's closer buds. When Zonia replied it was Nicole, our neighbour. I was stunned for seconds, minute?

The flash backs of Bedok Reservoir came back. The scenes of the tanned, tall girl came to mind. The girl with a cherry smile.

Could there be heaps of pain and worries behind that wide smile i have seen at least 10 times? Or even 30 times?

Nicole (in the middle)

Just like your email says, jesuslovesnicole.

Im sure you are now in good hands,
Rest in peace dear.


Yay! It's Collection 14, from the really talented lady (:

She has brought in really nice pieces for her babes, and i thought i should share with the readers as well!

The above blazer is really a must have in wardrobe. Cause it can be worn for different events! Pair it with shorts for a casual day out or even to office!

(I think im getting one myself!)

And i gotta share another 2 pieces which are really affordable and unqiue.

The bustier tube lacey dress and the awfully cute messenger sling! I really dig the bag, it reads "Vintage" and definitely a piece like no other!


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