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August: EyeZone massage and Tinted color eye essence!

Was looking through my organizer, and saw that there's something important for me to share with my readers!

Can you see it! (:
I wrote that i will be giving my 2nd review when i finish my eye essence!

And I'm moving onto the 2nd bottles of Ettusais Eyezone Massage Essence (Night) and Eyezone Tinted Color Essence (Day) ! (:

YAY! So far so good! Those who are new here might not have heard of my review!
So i will do a review today after using this eye essences after nearly 8 months.

Before that, i will share about how to go about with these bottles! (:

First off,

Ettusais Eyezone Massage Essence!

And massage generously onto eye area with your third/fourth finger as index finger will exert too much pressure!

When do you use this: At night, right after you have showered! (While face is still fresh and free from impurities!)
What's the big deal of this bottle: Essentially for blue dark circles as well as brown dark circles! Now that projects are starting to pile up, i need to be hardworking on my skin care too!

REVIEW: My eye rings are significantly minimized , and less puffy as well.

Puffy eyes come from overconsumption of water at night. I have a habit of drinking a lot of water at night! Do some of you have this habit too? (:

Ettusais night essence reduces puffiness by enhancing blood circulation and reducing water retention! (:

2. Eyezone Tinted Color Essence
*Zoe's favorite!

Spread over eye area using brush and pat it lightly for best coverage! Again, with your third or fourth finger! (:

When do you use this: In the day, before my makeup! Works perfectly as a concealer! YES!!! You didn't hear me wrong!

Good eh! Concealer+Eye essence! Super duper GOOD!!!!!

What is the big deal of this tube: Acts as a concealer and doubles up as a moisturizer! Eye areas can be rather dry and i often see "dried-up" skin around my eyes. This tube can offer as touch-ups from time to time as well!

REVIEW: Because it serves as a concealer and moisturizer, i cant help NOT REPEATING this goody fact about the day essence! Why will a girl need to get a tube of concealer when she can get this product with dual function now?

Eye areas are no longer dry, the concealer effect is longer-lasting, and i do not have to do much touch-ups unless i'm perspiring heavily!

Best of all, it's really easy to handle! I hate moisturizers that comes in bottle, as it's always a hassle to dip my fingers in and get the cream stuck under my nails! Super eww! ):

Loads of kisses! (:





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