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Zoe Sunday Scoops (6)

I kinda deliberated on writing about food again on this week's Sunday Scoops, having done so already last week with the fabulous Redhill carrot cake...

But after B brought me to this place along Zion Road - Irvin's, I knew I had to do it some justice.

From the outside this place looks like some regular coffee shop, but it's actually quite a nice and cosy little restaurant, albeit a non-air-conditioned one. (:

The Golden Salted Egg Crab is their signature dish-a blend of sweet and savory. The taste of this sauce is absolutely heavenly, so don't be surprised when you find yourself finishing the entire plate of sauce even before you touch the crabs!

The restaurant's tag line is pretty unique too. "Irvin's-The Most Handsome Cze Char". Since when is Cze Char handsome?? Interestingly, all the staff are young people, so the atmosphere, unlike other coffee shops and restaurants, is really vibrant! Holding true to their tagline indeed! Heh.

We didn't manage to try all the crab variations, but we sure saw plenty of people trying out the black pepper and chilli ones! Must be good as well!

We had coffee pork ribs and asparagus as well!
The pork ribs are really tender and the tinge of coffee still lingers in my mouth (:

Here's the really good salted egg crab and how can it not be accompanied by the freshly baked "man tou"! (:

Do check this place out! It's at at the junction of Zion Road, diagonally opposite Great World City. You can find parking on Kellock Road, next to the church! (:

On a lighter note, girls! Please remember to make an appt with your buddies for Ettusais makeup workshop! Free masks are whilst stocks last!! (:

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