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Some babes emailed or PMed me asking where i got my Victoria Secrets stuff, Accessories, Gojane shoes, Wetseal clothes!

Here's a place i would recommend you to!

The last time i ordered from VS was early this year! I will be making a huge shopping list starting tonight! (:

And i not forgetting my bill of over $400 at forever 's sale end last year! F21 have really fabulous sales all year round and great bargains!

(I'm a sucker for blings! See what i just bought yesterday!)

Current US spree includes Forever 21 and Wetseal
Also there are also 6 ongoing Taiwan sprees now.

Please join the mailing list to enjoy regular special promotions (:

Mention that you are a reader of Zoe and get $2 off can be deducted for spree item OR deducted for postage!

All spree ending on 7th August

Here's the site! (:


Everyone's mad about shopping, no?

This lady knows it, and created a blogshop with a catchy name;

How can someone ever forget this domain? (:


I don't have light blue dresses in my wardrobe, and that's why this piece caught my eye instantaneously!

Baby blue and lace. Really sweet combi dont you think so? (:

And as i was scrolling down their page, i saw that they offer this design in 2 other colors!

"Baby blue doesn't complement my skin tone! ):"
I'm sure you can find one of the other 2 that suits you good! (:

These are nice too!


I'm mad about shopping.

If you are too,

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